Daily Deals 022817

Save Big on Infant Car Seats, Get a Serious Stereo Microscope for Detailed Crafts – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 022817

Are you, or someone you know, about to introduce a new little geekling to the world? Well, one of the most important (and rather expensive) pieces of gear you’ll need is a car seat. Today, you can save up to 40% on a nice selection of Britax car seats!

Stereo microscopes are important because when you look at the subject in the dual eyepieces, you’re seeing it in 3D, and can get a sense of depth – meaning you can manipulate it for things like painting and soldering at a much more detailed level. Which is why today’s deal on the AmScope stereo microscope should be really interesting to folks who like to paint miniatures, do detailed electronics builds, or any other art/craft/hobby where being able to work really close up. This isn’t a kid’s starter scope, it’s a serious tool for serious geeks, and it’s on sale today for $152.


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