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pair of thieves

While many here at GeekDad embrace the noble edict of “never stop learning,” I tend to take that simple command a step further—never stop learning about yourself. Why, just last week I learned that, in addition to being its Nintendo guy and its music guy, I am also GeekDad’s go-to socks and underwear guy.

And I am surprisingly okay with this. I feel that clothes are important, and the most important items are the ones you wear every day.

Purchasing quality socks and undies has only gotten easier thanks to online retail. So much so, in fact, that it can be a little difficult for a retailer to differentiate itself from the competition. It’s not impossible, mind you, but it takes a certain level of dedication to craft.

Underclothier Pair of Thieves breaks the mold first and foremost by focusing on what it refers to as “high-performance elements.” While the designs are bold and modern, the material construction—particularly that of their SuperFit boxer briefs—skews toward the active lifestyle. (For the record, mine is more of a passive lifestyle, but bear with me.)

Constructed of perfectly smooth microfiber, these underpants are formfitting without being overly tight or restrictive, and there’s a distinct breathable, moisture-wicking quality that makes them perfect for any brand of physical activity or harsh, humid clime. I was also pleased to discover that, unlike a lot of other brands, Pair of Thieves’ drawers actually include a proper, functional fly. (Don’t think I won’t give y’all the “through the gate” vs. “over the fence” talk again, because I totally will!)

Pair of Thieves socks also follow suit, boasting quality construction, striking designs, and comfortable breathability. The big difference here, though, is that these also come in kids’ sizes. There are even specialty packs that bundle matching socks for parent and child in a single handsome package.

With solid durability, reasonable prices—the underwear sells for $20/pair, while the socks are $10/pair ($6/pair for youth sizes)—and a great selection of designs, Pair of Thieves’ offerings definitely warrant investigation the next time you need to refresh the family socks-n-undies drawers. Best of all, many Pair of Thieves products are available at your local Target.

Splitting the difference between boutique flash and broader affordability is always a gamble, but Pair of Thieves walks that thin line with an eye for true versatility—something it calls “Sneaky Performance.” But, moreover, it does it well and with indubitable style

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