Radio Free Hipster Ep. 31: Left Unsaid

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When I think about “my voice,” I usually mean it in the abstract–relating, more or less, to the way in which I write. Lately, however, I’ve been really concerned with my actual, literal voice.

It’s fading fast, and I only have a few words left, but I decided to share them with you. In a podcast. Like you do.

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00:48 Optimus Rhyme – “Super Shiny Metal
05:07 Talking / halc – “You Don’t Talk About Flight Club
06:10 Rock, Paper, Cynic – “Broken Telephone”
07:09 Illbotz – “At the Trap (Skit)” / “Gyeah!” (content warning)
11:41 Possible Oscar – “Talk Nerdy to Me
14:48 Wordburglar – “Croque Monsieur” (content warning)
18:08 More talking / halc – “You Don’t Talk About Flight Club”
19:21 Girl Talk – “Triple Double” (content warning)
25:49 The Fine Print – “English”
30:02 Tribe One – “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe From A to Z
32:12 Even more talking / halc – “You Don’t Talk About Flight Club”
34:16 John Lennon vs. Bubba Sparxxx – “Oh Yoko’s Ugly” (content warning)

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