Funko and Marvel Showcase Women of Power

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Source for all photos: my cruddy camera.
Source for all photos: my cruddy camera.

The folks at Funko were kind enough to send me their June Marvel Collector Corps box. For the unfamiliar, this is a box of goodies sent every other month. Priced at just $25, you get at least $50 worth of stuff. I have never really used a subscription box (although Comics Bento tempted me), and admit to being impressed.

For one thing, the box itself has great art and features multiple Marvel women. I’m a Spider-Gwen fan, so seeing her front and center was really nice. How about the rest of the box? A gallery might be the best way; I’ll show instead of tell.

I have a habit of texting photos of review units to my teenage daughter. Usually she will respond back “cool, bring that home with you?”. This time though?

“Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. MINE.”
“The Spider-Gwen shirt is actually an extra-large.”
“Don’t care. Will wear as a sleep shirt. MINE.”
“I was maybe going to give one of the Geekmoms Carol…”
“Nope. MINE!”

My geeklette, ladies and gentlemen. I expect to see that Captain Marvel sew-on patch on her favorite denim jacket soon.

I’m really impressed at the choices of characters for this box. Squirrel Girl in particular is a family favorite. Tippy-Toe’s head looks like it bobbles too. That’s her little squirrel sidekick. But you knew this, because of course you read Squirrel Girl, right? Because it’s awesome and stuff.

Back to the box! Like I said, I was impressed. There was nothing in there I’d consider junk. Even the comic, which I already own, will look nice on display. At $25 this is a very good value for someone looking to add some geek flair to their life. Plus, guess who’s on deck for the next box?

Does whatever a Funco can!
Does whatever a Funkco can!

Order now, true believers.

Funko sent me a Collector Corps box for review purposes. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling my daughter. Make her give it back, you guys!

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