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Look, I get it: there’s a glut of geeky themed subscription boxes out there nowadays. Some are great, some not so much, and a vast majority fall somewhere in between. Most of them, though, just add to the pile. You end up with more fairly useless hunks of plastic or items you don’t really want. With most of them, you’re lucky if you end up breaking even, money wise.

If you’re a comics reader or are just dipping your toes into the world of graphic novels, you might want to consider today’s sponsor,¬†Comic Bento – a monthly subscription box that delivers a diverse sampling of books to your door. What’s nice is that the books stray pretty far from mainstream superhero fare, though that is definitely included. And I’m a firm believer that you cannot ever have too many books. So this is an addition to the pile I welcome.

Comic Bento also guarantees $50-60 worth of books in every box, and for $17.50/month (plus shipping), that’s not a bad deal. The value gets better if you commit to a longer subscription, but even with a one-month plan, you’re getting a bargain.

For example, the May box included the following books:

All books are first volumes, which means they’re great places to start reading, and The Four Points¬†even had a Comic Bento exclusive cover. If you’re looking to expand out with new publishers, creators, and books, you might want to give Comic Bento a try.

And as a special thank you to GeekDad readers, if you use the promo code GEEKDAD when you check out, you’ll get $5 off any subscription level.

(Thanks to Comic Bento for their sponsorship of GeekDad. All opinions regarding this service/product remain our own.)

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