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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 29: And Holding

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The night is dark and full of terrors–like Reaganomics and cheese washer’s lung.

In this episode, we check out classics from Kirby Krackle and MC Frontalot and new hotness from Rock, Paper, Cynic and Lemon Demon. Also, I make extensive use of my mic’s cough button. Because technology solves all our problems!

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00:42 Rock, Paper, Cynic – “Hello N.S.A.
04:29 Talking / Dj RoboRob – “Chronostep Suite no. 2 – Schala’s Muse (feat. Starby)
05:58 Adam WarRock – “Hodor (feat. Tribe One)” (content warning)
09:07 Kirby Krackle – “North of the Wall
12:22 Tyler Heath – “Hail to the Throne
15:55 MC Frontalot – “Diseases of Yore
19:09 More talking / Dj RoboRob – “Chronostep Suite no. 2 – Schala’s Muse (feat. Starby)”
19:56 Baddd Spellah – “99 Balloon Flights
22:26 Lemon Demon – “Reaganomics
25:58 Math the Band – “Brand New Physics
29:18 Helen Arney – “Indie Song
31:01 Even more talking / Dj RoboRob – “Chronostep Suite no. 2 – Schala’s Muse (feat. Starby)”
32:26 Steve Goodie – “Weird Al Country Medley

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