Same Geek Channel: Weekly Recap for March 27 – April 2, 2016

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Legends of Tomorrow, Episode 1.09, “Left Behind”

Image: The CW.

Joey: Amidst the drama and melodrama, there was really only one thing–in my opinion–worth talking about. I knew Snart didn’t kill Mick. That seemed obvious. The minute Chronos abducted Snart from the Waverider, it was pretty easy to put two and two together and see the reveal coming. The problem? I’m kind of beyond caring very much at this point. Outside of a few cool scenarios (Star City 2046, for example), this show is really dragging.

Corrina: I guessed that since we never saw Chronos and Mick was missing, that we’d see Mick as Chronos and it was so clear by the time he grabbed Snart.

It was a weird plan, right, though? Mick could have killed Rory when he had him down instead of disabling the Waverider. That would have ended everything. So maybe Mick truly doesn’t want to kill them?

Still, he was the one who sold them out to the Pirates just because he couldn’t stay in one time period and become a crime lord. I don’t feel sorry for Mick.

Hardcore choice by Snart to freeze and break his own hand.

Will: Freezing off his own hand was very hardcore, but why didn’t he just freeze the railing and break it? Sure, he’d still be in cuffs but he could have escaped cuffed with two hands.

Corrina: As for defeating Chronos? This was the first time the team felt like a real team.

Will: Did it bother anybody else that at the beginning of the episode Ray dumbs down his explanation of the time beacon for the audience but Kendra says, “it’s cute that you thought either of us would understand that.” Everyone watching understood it but the two females on the show are JUST.TOO.DUMB. Nice way to reinforce the stereotypes of 1958 that everyone is apparently sick of!

Will: And in more let’s intentionally change the timeline when it is our mission to try to leave it intact, Sara tell’s Ra’s Al Ghul to watch out for his daughter, Nyssa. I’m not an Arrow watcher, but I imagine that will potentially have quite an impact?

Joey: It would, if these writers weren’t tromping all over the castles they built inside of this extremely large sandbox.

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  1. Barry has to be the worst time- and dimension-traveller ever. On Earth-2, Wells told him not to allow himself to be amotionally entangled, and he did, and now heagain went and did everything he shouldn’t have. So far all we’ve seen is Hartley back and as a friend, but I think this opens a window for the writers to come up with anything they need… Well done Barry! 🙂

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