Same Geek Channel: Weekly Recap for March 27 – April 2, 2016

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 3.14, “Watchdogs”

Image: ABC.

Corrina: Look, a whole dialogue on killing/not killing/being responsible for lives lost. I watched this right after the fact. Now, this is a show about spies. Spies lie and sneak around and sometimes kill people. That’s their thing.

Superheroes, though, they tell the truth, operate in the open, and value civilian life above all. Except on this week’s Flash, where Barry is all “eh, so what if people die, if Zoom wins, I’ll be a loser!” (Also, Barry lies all the time but, hey, so do all the Wests.)

Barry also never feels the weight of having caused Earth-2 Joe to die. Simmons would utterly disapprove of this, since she feels the weight of Will dying for her (though it was his choice), Fitz risking his life numerous times (though it was his choice), and letting Andrew/Lash free earlier this season. Yeah, that one is kinda on her, but I can’t blame her too much for that one.

No wonder she wants to learn more ways to protect herself. She’s come a long way from the scientist afraid to go out into the field.

Mack is the spy who’d rather tinker with mechanics, the engineer who hates fighting but looks like the “bad cop.” I adore him and I liked his complicated relationship with his brother. I’m even happier that Mack and his brother aren’t estranged by the end of the episode.

Also, shotgun-axe!!

More screentime for Mack, less for bland Lincoln. Though he worked well enough with Coulson this episode, as Phil knocked the smarmy out of him.

Our watchdog terrorists have eerie, real-life counterparts. A superhero spy show that finally explains the appeal of Donald Trump? Yet, I believe it did, with the talk about the government being too powerful, the feeling that the system is rigged, and that no matter what a good person does, you can lose everything if your job ceases to exist. That’s where the anger comes from. Too bad Donald Trump mixes it in with racism and misogyny, or else he might have even more appeal.

Daisy’s terrorizing the truck driver didn’t help matter. I’m glad she wasn’t the hero of this episode but rather someone who screwed up.

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  1. Barry has to be the worst time- and dimension-traveller ever. On Earth-2, Wells told him not to allow himself to be amotionally entangled, and he did, and now heagain went and did everything he shouldn’t have. So far all we’ve seen is Hartley back and as a friend, but I think this opens a window for the writers to come up with anything they need… Well done Barry! 🙂

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