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Kickstarter Alert: Get Smart With Stealth Socks

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stealth socks

Savvy readers will doubtlessly realize that I am not your regularly scheduled Kickstarter guy. I am, however, your regularly scheduled clothes guy, so stay with me here.

I’ve expounded upon the importance of proper hosiery before–multiple times, in fact–but I’ll break it down for those who may have missed these previous epistles. Socks should be comfortable. Socks should be functional. Socks should be seen as a means by which even the most cookie-cutter office drone can express his own style and individuality.

This brings us to the recent Kickstarter campaign launched by spy-influenced technical clothing startup Maison Impeccable: Stealth Socks.

Designed for comfort, durability, style, and, perhaps most importantly, to combat odor, Stealth Socks’ product description reads like something out of an Ian Fleming fever dream. Bacteriostatic silver and carbon-infused nanofibers to cool and deodorize? Hexagonal sole cushioning, ribbed arch support, and a seamless toe cap to pad and prevent irritation? Sure, Maison Impeccable’s ad copy talks a good game, but how do these socks perform in real-life scenarios?

I was able to get my hands (feet?) on a pair of pre-production prototypes–the main thing they lack as compared to the release product is an additional layer of footbed reinforcement–and I put ’em through their paces last week. I’m breaking in a new pair of Ben Sherman Conall hi-tops, and, since new shoes are notoriously inflexible, I’ve been pairing them with boot socks for the extra padding. I figured this would be a good field exercise for my Stealth Socks, so, one muggy southern spring morning, I wore them out instead.

Though thin like dress socks, I was pleasantly surprised to discover they offer great cushion and support, and their non-slip cuff and y-stitched heel helped them fit snugly without being overtight or bunching up. Best of all, they made it feel like my feet could breathe, thus staving off the Dreaded Carolina Swamp-Foot.

Boasting 10 different looks that are both corporate and casual, Stealth Socks are a wise investment for the fashion-forward footwear enthusiast on the go–and I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so. With three and a half weeks still left in the campaign, Stealth Socks have already been funded nearly six times over!

Check out the video below (or simply head over to the pledge page itself) to see what all the fuss is about.

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