Doctor Popular Glitches Socks

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glitch socks

I’ve made no secret of my feelings concerning artist/musician/yo-yo ninja Doctor Popular–he is awesome–or, for that matter, my feelings concerning socks–also awesome. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I find the concept of socks designed by the aforementioned Doc Pop an enticing proposition.

Currently such accoutrements are being proposed via Betabrand’s crowdsourced clothing collection. Yes, the same keen minds that brought us the Dress Pant Sweatpants are now considering making a three-pack of Doc Popular-designed socks available for purchase.

Incorporating the same love of glitched graphics that the good Doctor features in many of his video and photography projects, designs include everything from a Pac-Man kill screen to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Head over to the Doc Socks page to cast your vote and leave a comment concerning your favorite designs.

And, while you’re there, be sure to check out all the other amazing, innovative apparel available from Betabrand. They are, unsurprisingly, awesome.

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