Doc Pop Dazzles With His New Single



There aren’t a lot of geeky indie artists I respect (or, let’s face it, like) as much as San Francisco’s resident glitch photographer, yo-yo ninja and all around chiptune mastermind Doctor Popular. Admittedly, Doc and I have been friends, internet pen pals and occasional co-conspirators for years, but, even more than that, I am perpetually in awe of the guy for his unparalleled creativity and talent.

I also appreciate the fact I’m always learning new things from Doc Pop. Take his new single “Dazzler,” a musical tribute to Marvel Comics’ own mutant disco queen Alison Blaire from his recent full-length Destroy All Presets. Sure, you can cop the song along with a remix and instrumental for a lean $2 American for the digital version. But why do that when you can scoop the digital downloads and a super-limited edition flexi-postcard for only 5 bones?!

Similar to the flexi-discs of old,  this obscure, full-color paper medium was apparently once quite popular in the former Soviet Union. So leave it to Doc to bring it back (complete with his own pixel art) in all its lo-fi glory!

Order yours now before they’re gone.

Dazzler (Single) by Doctor Popular

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