Being Fabulous and Seen With Lucky Diaz and Father Goose

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Music is food for your ears. A single is an hors d’oeuvre, an EP is an appetizer, and a CD is a full meal. If you’re lucky, you can satisfy your hunger with the first two. Speaking of lucky, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band started 2022 with a bang—a Grammy nomination for Best Children’s Recording (their 2021 release, CRAYON KIDS). Although they did not win, Lucky and company are surfing on that momentum with Los Fabulosos, a new EP from 8 Lb Gorilla Records.

‘Los Fabulosos’ from the Lucky Band
The lead track, “Ridiculous,” is all about slapstick, letting go of inhibitions, and being yourself (with wild public domain silent comic footage). “Elephant” talks about proper hydration, using pachyderms as the jumping-off point. “Elevator” tries to create a dance from being scrunching together in a tight space (something the pandemic made dangerous). There are two version of “Me Gusta,” plain and Robert Elbach-ed (a remix producer friend of Lucky). If you’re ready to be fabulous and silly this summer, the Lucky Band is right there with you.
Los Fabulosos is available from the Lucky Band’s websiteSpotifyAmazon, and Apple Music.


Here is the video for their new song, “Ridiculous”:

Father Goose has a new video for the song, “Invisible,” the title track from his 2021 pandemic EP. The tune deals with children’s fears of being marginalized, whether by the pandemic or through stress caused by conditions at home. “Invisible” can also be used as a gentle learning tool, to educate kids that they need to advocate for their own emotional and physical well-being. The video depicts different scenarios, although most in an almost subliminal fashion that will go over the heads of the youngest viewers (which might be a good thing).

You can stream the song at Soundcloud and Spotify. Here is the video for “Invisible”:

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