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Clothes Make the Man: Let’s Talk About Socks

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Brace yourself, my friends, for I have come to you today to talk about rules – sock rules. Yes, these are real things that exist. Specifically, they govern black socks, which should only be worn with black trousers, and white socks, which should only be worn whilst engaged in sport.

Now, in our brave new world of jeans and sneakers, these edicts – like those regarding white after Labor Day and not mixing patterns – have been all but tossed out the window. But I’m gonna suggest the unthinkable; I believe we should bring them back.

I propose that we reinstate these sock rules not so much for what they say as for what they don’t. Think about it; if black socks are formalwear and white socks are sportswear, what are we expected to do in literally every other situation?

This brings me to the real purpose of this post. You see, no matter where you work or how stringent the dress code, you can always jazz up an outfit with socks. Furthermore, they’re not only the perfect stealth mechanism for expressing your own unique style, they’re the perfect place to start in developing that personal look.

I’ve got D20 socks and Decepticon socks and great grey, wooly boot socks. But maybe you’ve got nothing but a drawer full of yellowing Kool-Aid socks and a dream of a better tomorrow.

Well, your time has come!

After spending years in marketing, Atlanta’s Stefan Lewinger came to the conclusion that most men weren’t concerned with fashion simply because keeping up with trends and fighting one’s way through the wasteland of mall department stores is just too damn hard. His solution was to make it easier for guys to take control of their wardrobe by starting with the smallest conceivable component: socks.

Stefan is the creator and co-founder of Sock Fancy, a monthly sock-by-mail subscription service. Yes, this too is a real thing that exists.

For nine bucks a month ($17 if you’d like two pairs) plus $2 shipping, Sock Fancy will seek out and send to you weird, random and wonderful socks. On the surface it sounds like a fairly novel idea – a “what do you get for the man who has everything” kind of deal – but it’s actually a genuinely useful service that delivers high quality, handpicked products that anyone can enjoy.

Stefan was nice enough to hook me up with a subscription, and my care package included two pairs from Richer Poorer Inc., one in a cool spotted green and the other a vibrant mix of blue, orange and white stripes. These socks typically retail for around $12 apiece, making the subscription a solid price for some genuinely well-made (not to mention sweet looking) products.

The process couldn’t be easier; just sign up, checkout and unwrap awesome socks every month. And if you’re a little skeptical regarding hopping on the funky sock train, rest easy knowing that Sock Fancy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows customer to send back any pair they don’t like for a free replacement.

With both men’s and women’s styles available and easy gift options, Sock Fancy puts an interesting – and, let’s face it, useful – spin on the monthly mystery box service. Give ’em a try, and treat your feet right.

Review material provided by: Sock Fancy

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  1. It is wild how many subscription sock clubs have popped up! I’ve done a bit of research and decided to go with Soul Socks ( From what I have seen they have the best designs and I like that they design them in New York!

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