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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: The Return of Spell Saga

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A year ago, I wrote about a fascinating single-player “tabletop novel” called Spell Saga. It’s a card game that tells a story as you play it, and I found it very intriguing, unlike any other game I’ve played. Unfortunately, though, the Kickstarter campaign failed to meet its funding—but designer Todd Michael Rogers continued plugging away at the game anyway, promising that somehow the game would exist eventually.

Well, now you get another chance to help make it happen. Spell Saga has been relaunched on Kickstarter, with some differences. The base game is now slightly cheaper ($5 for the Print-and-Play* or $25 for a physical copy) and the overall goal is significantly lower. The reward levels have been simplified, too—most of the higher levels add holofoil cards and some bonus cards but the game really focuses on producing Deck 1. In fact, the project is already over 80% funded, because many of the original backers decided to come back.

If you want to know more about the gameplay, read my original review here. I’ll reiterate what I said last year: I’d love to see Spell Saga get funded. I think it’s a unique game, with fantastic artwork and a poetic feel to it. I feel like I’ve seen more and more games including single-player variant rules, so maybe gamers are ready to give a solitaire-only game a shot.

Plus, I really want to know how the story ends! Back it so Rogers can make the rest of the decks. Whether this funds or not, he does plan to continue creating the game (probably at a slower pace) and releasing them as Print and Play versions, but I’d love for there to be nice production copies, too.

For more, visit the Spell Saga Kickstarter page.

*CORRECTION: The $5 level will get you the digital version of Deck 2; the first Deck is already available as a Print-and-Play for free.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review prototype of this game.

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