VEX Robotics Competition: Elevation

Geek Culture

VEX Robotics Competition announces this year’s challenge, "Elevation".

Teams of middle and high school aged geeks and adult mentors compete by designing, building, and controlling robots to play the game.  Each match starts with a 20 second fully autonomous period followed by a 2 minute remote control period.  Teams can write software to run on the controller’s Microchip PIC processor that attempts to score points during the autonomous period, and that can assist them during the remote control period.

Like last year’s Bridge Battle, this year’s game is played on a
12′x12′ field, but the goals and obstacles have changed.  Players will score points by dropping 3" cubes into triangular goals.  Bonus points are awarded for most goals during the autonomous round, controlling a goal (your color on top) and finishing on the center platform.  You can find a full description of the game on the VEX Elevation page.

There are already over 60 VEX Robotics tournaments scheduled throughout the
2008-2009 season in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Central and South
America.  More details on registration and locations can be found on

You do not have to be affiliated with a school to enter a team.  Families, organizations, and communities are also encouraged to enter.  The only requirement is that the drivers be middle or high school aged.

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