Wicked Wombats

‘Wicked Wombats’ Kickstarter Update: Print-and-Play Download Available for Free

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Wicked Wombats
These are some very wicked wombats.

This post is sponsored by the ‘Wicked Wombats’ project.
The Wicked Wombats Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start, but if you’re not sure whether the game is right for you and your family, they’ve made it very easy to decide: you can now download a print-and-play version for free to try the game out before you back the project! Just visit the Kickstarter campaign for Wicked Wombats¬†and scroll down to just above the “Who We Are” section, and you’ll see the links for the printable set and the rulebook.

A reminder about Wicked Wombats: The game is all about getting rid of your cards. Normal turn play involves laying one of your cards down on another card of similar color or symbol. The wickedness comes from the instructions on each card that cause a wide range of evil actions that will upset your opponents and end up adding cards to their hands.

The game is intended to be really simple to pick up and play. The classic color/symbol-matching gameplay is easy to understand even for younger kids. And the evil actions are clearly written on each card so players will know what to do. The complexity and evil strategy are developed as you learn how different card combinations affect the game and make for amusing, apocalyptic wombat warfare. It very much feels like a delightful mash-up of UNO, Flux, and Munchkin.

For the Kickstarter, a pledge of $19 gets you the basic game with 120 cards, for 3-6 players, and perfect for family play. For higher-level pledges, you can add on your choice of expansion packs that add different themed cards to the game. For example, there’s a superhero expansion pack that’s perfect for more kid-level fun. But there are also a couple of more grown-up oriented packs that can make the game a hilarious addition to your parents’ game night, too.

The Wicked Wombats Kickstarter campaign is live now. Check it out here, and watch the project video below for more info.

[Note: This post was sponsored by the Wicked Wombats Kickstarter campaign.]

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