‘DC Super Hero Girls’ Comes to Television

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DCSuperHeroGirlsOn Saturday, March 19, DC Super Hero Girls will premiere on Boomerang. This action-packed hour-long episode will introduce the newest student at Super Hero High–Supergirl.

DC Super Hero Girls has already made quite an impression on all of us here at GeekDad.com. We’ve loved watching all of the webisodes so far, and I’m looking forward to when my son is a little bit older and I can start reading him the books.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the TV show which features an all-star cast: Anais Fairweather as Supergirl, Mae Whitman as Barbara Gordon, along with many DC Comics veterans like Greg Cipes, Ashley Eckstein, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Helen Slater, and Dean Cain. The TV series is written by Shea Fontana, just like the webisodes and the graphic novel.

DCSuperHeroGirls-ToyaisleWhile DC Super Hero Girls is intentionally targeted at girls, our whole family absolutely loves everything DC and Mattel are doing with this line. We even went out of our way this past weekend to go to Target in the hopes of finding some of the exclusive toys. We lucked out and found not just some, but almost a full line of toys available including not only the 6-inch and 12-inch figures but a full range of dress up costumes and accessories. After much debate, we settled on two of the 6-inch action figures for now–Owen chose Wonder Woman, and I chose Batgirl.

DCSuperHeroGirls-OwenThese figures are so well made, sculpted, and designed, it’s ridiculous. None of the “boy” toys we currently own have this much effort put into them, so I can’t thank Mattel and DC enough for these awesome toys of awesome superhero girls. Each figure has removable accessories–a lasso in the case of Wonder Woman, and a backpack and hood for Batgirl–and has all the poseability I’d expect from any high-end figure.

Seriously, if you or your kids love any of these characters, do yourself a favor and get your hands on these toys as soon as possible! You can eagerly await the show premiere by playing with your new toys. And keep your eyes peeled for some new video exclusives between now and then!

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