GBBP 52: ‘Gravity Falls’ & Jason Ritter

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 52: Gravity Falls & Jason Ritter

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Gravity Falls is over. If you were a fan of the show, ’tis a sad time indeed. Still, despite the empty hole many fans currently feel in their hearts, it’s a bittersweet consolation knowing that the show ended precisely as creator Alex Hirsch wanted it to.

From the very beginning when he originally pitched the idea to Disney, Hirsch knew it was a relatively short story, and the show would have a brief life span. (Be sure to listen to our chat with Alex Hirsch here.) I don’t think anyone quite realized how enormously popular the show would get in that brief span, though.

This week, to “celebrate” the end of Gravity Falls, we welcome the voice of Dipper – Jason Ritter – to the show. We chat about the show, obviously (which was Jason’s first major voice acting gig), improvisation, mysteries, fierce fandoms, and fond memories.

We’re also thrilled to bring you the table read from the Disney XD press event in advance of the final episode. Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, and Kristen Schaal read from the very first episode of Gravity Falls, along with live musical accompaniment from show composer Brad Breeck.

I took part in the press event, and D23 (the official Disney fan club) was awesome enough to share their recording of the event with us. We’ve included the audio in this episode of the show and the video below. Check both out!

If you’re wondering what to do now that Gravity Falls is finished, I think Alex Hirsch is on to something. In response to a question at this event, he reminded us that everyone involved in the show is still out there, pouring their creativity into new projects. If you loved Gravity Falls, go support what everyone’s doing next.


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