Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Diving Into SeaWorld

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When people ask me for Theme Park recommendations, they are usually asking about parks at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida.

It’s rare they ever want to know about any of the others. But, there are other fun parks in the area. SeaWorld is an often over-looked park by general visitors but has a lot of fun within it. It is packed with fantastic rides.

A small note. For the family nature of this Podcast, we refrained from discussing the larger issues surrounding SeaWorld during the Podcast. We did use the visit as a way to engage our kids about the controversies, however. It was a topic we explored with them at long length – just not on the Podcast.

We focused the episode on the experience of the park. All other conversations were had (just offline).

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NOTE: SeaWorld Orlando provided us with passes for the day but did not influence any content on the Podcast.

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