2015 Holiday Gift Guide #8: The Well-Dressed Geek

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As a geek I’m often most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but occasionally I choose to dress up. While it isn’t, for me, a frequent occurrence, it is nice to clean up and dress up. Compliments are a great way to boost confidence, and a dapper geek will elicit those compliments more often than a comfortable geek. Read on to see some of the apparel and hygiene products that we are partial to.

Penny Arcade First Party

For geeks, living in t-shirts and jeans is pretty much a way of life, but once in a while we have to clean up for a special occasion. Thankfully there are geeky alternatives to formal or business casual wear that allow us to show off our geeky nature in a fashionable way. Check out Penny Arcade’s First Party line. They have respectable clothing with a small game controller logo. Pick the polo for less formal events, or snazz up an inexpensive button-up shirt with their fashionable ties.

Made by: Penny Arcade
Price: $40ish
Available at: Penny Arcade First Party
Submitted by: Anton


If you want to be inside a TARDIS and there’s no Doctor in sight, try these TARDIS PJs on for size. They are fantastically fun and full of features. There’s a hood, pockets, zip-off feet, and little thumb holes in the wrist cuffs. These cozy, fleece PJs will keep you warm and happy this winter.

Made by: Underboss
Price: Varies
Available at: TARDIS PJs
Submitted by: Jenny Bristol

Shoe Fury

I’ve already opined the style and overall superiority of Tee Fury’s Shoe Fury footwear line–hell, we even featured several pairs in our own curated clothing collection. Still, as I look back on 2015, I begin to realize that they’ve likely made the year’s biggest new contribution to my wardrobe. With sturdy, comfortable soles and removable uppers, they offer perfectly flexible fashion, whether you’re snatching up Shoe Fury’s growing collection of pop culture designs or the equally compatible covers from manufacturer Zipz. (I’m presently rocking a pair of Rhinos as I type this.) The simple truth is there’s no wrong choice when it comes to these fantastic shoes! [Review materials provided by: Tee Fury]

Made by: Tee Fury
Price: $54.99-$79.99
Available at: Shoe Fury
Submitted by: Z.

Pro Wrestling Underwear

I enjoy professional wrestling–unironically. I have a particular fondness for wrestling’s second great Golden Age, and I’m obviously not the only one. Online clothier Wrassleroos specializes in gear for wrestling fans, with vintage t-shirt designs and novelty boxers, but its big draw is briefs styled to look like throwback trunks. From Piper’s two-tone “Hot Rod” to JYD’s “Thump” and even Dusty’s polka dots, Wrassleroos has just the thing to help you celebrate your favorite face or heel. Plus, if you use the promo code GEEKDAD at checkout before year’s end, you can save a cool 20% off your entire purchase at WrassleRoos.com. With goods that are as comfortable as they are durable, why not style and profile your way over to the online store and snag a couple of pairs for the wrasslin’ mark on your list? [Review materials provided by: Wrassleroos]

Made by: Wrassleroos
Price: $9.99 and up
Available at: Pro Wrestling Underwear
Submitted by: Z.

American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

I recently tried out American Giant activewear–sweat pants and a hoodie–and immediately fell in love. I was surprised to find out that my wife had planned on getting me one of their hoodies for Christmas last year but couldn’t because they were sold out! It’s no surprise that there is a high demand for American Giant because they are not only the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn, but also the most well-made. Yes, my hoodie and sweatpants are the nicest clothes I own!¬†Check out my full review about why American Giant is the only active wear you’ll ever want.

Made by: American Giant
Price: $89.00
Available at: American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie
Submitted by: Will James

Loot Crate Level Up Subscription Box

Loot Crate’s regular subscription box of geeky goodies is great, but now they have taken it to the next level with the Level Up box. Every month, your lucky geek will receive two different sock designs and a wearable. The socks are high quality crew and athletic socks, while the wearable is one raglan, polo, long sleeve shirt, seasonal apparel like a hoodie, hat or even loungewear! Wearable sizes and styles are available for both men and women!

Made by: Loot Crate
Price: $20.49 per month
Available at: Loot Crate Level Up Subscription Box
Submitted by: Tony Sims

Olde Book Messenger Bag

Brought to you by our very good friends at ThinkGeek, the Olde Book Messenger Bag looks like an antique, leather-bound tome with a metal fastener. In reality, it is made of faux leather, but the fastener is actually metal, with a snap underneath. In addition, the front flap of the book/messenger bag closes with magnets. This bag is a little larger than you might think, but inside, there is plenty of safe, rectangular-shaped storage for your books, papers, or anything else you might need to keep flat, and a padded pocket for your laptop. There is also a zipper compartment, an open pocket, and some pen loops. The shoulder strap is adjustable to fit any bibliophile.

Made by: ThinkGeek
Price: $39.99 on sale
Available at: Olde Book Messenger Bag
Submitted by: Jenny Bristol

Braun Series 7 Shaver

It takes more than some fancy duds to make the well-dressed geek truly look dapper. And goatees are SO Comic Book Guy cliche. Therefore, you owe it to yourself or your SGO (significant geeky other) to tame the inner Chewie and pamper that face. Enter the Braun Series 7, which has a head that oscillates at an astounding 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve used a high-quality electric shaver, and I was shocked at how close it cut…and how comfortable it was to use. The Series 7 is also 100% waterproof and comes with a clean-and-charge docking station that keeps your shaver nice and sanitary.

Made by: Braun
Price: 289.99
Available at: Braun Series 7 Shaver
Submitted by: Jamie Greene

Philips Sonicare Elite Power Toothbrush

Last year I included a Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush in the gift guide, and my wife and I still use it daily. Though we loved the features of the fancy $200 toothbrush, our budget kept us from buying one for each of the kids. Instead we opted to get them the Philips Sonicare Elite Power Toothbrush. According to our dentist it’s not quite as good as the DiamondClean, but it is still an order of magnitude better than a standard toothbrush. The Power Toothbrush runs just $100 for two at Amazon and if have a Costco membership you can often get the two pack for $60 or 70.

Made by: Philips
Price: $190
Available at: Philips Sonicare Elite Power Toothbrush
Submitted by: Anton

HP Odyssey Backpack

Most laptop bags can look very professional and stuffy. On the “cool” side of laptop bags, they can look too youthful. It is hard to find one that is in the middle. I actually use as my everyday carry the HP Odyssey. It is a great waterproof backpack that also holds up to a 15.6″ laptop. Honestly, I have never carried a laptop in it, but it holds a tablet and work folders in style. With two duffel handles on it, it is the perfect bag for everyday use or a weekend away.

Made by: HP
Price: $59.99
Available at: HP Odyssey Backpack
Submitted by: Tony SIms

Saddleback Leather Medium Thin Briefcase

The Saddleback folks call this their Thin Briefcase. What they should have called it was “Awesome Leather Armor Bag for Your Gear” or maybe “Leather Bag of Holding +10” because this is the bag post-apocalyptic RPG characters find in the ruins of our crumbled society, dust off, claim for themselves, then use to fend off a radroach attack. The bag is constructed of full-grain leather, the hardiest, highest quality leather you can get. I’ve owned plenty of leather items that were leather in name only-pieced together Frankenstein monsters that peeled or flaked as they aged. That’s never going to happen to your Saddleback bag because it’s constructed of just four single thick pieces of leather, lined with pigskin. Mated to that leather, is some seriously chunky hardware. The stainless steel O-rings are satisfyingly thick and the clasps for the shoulder strap (that also converts to a backpack strap if you’re so inclined) are decidedly hearty. It’s a hefty bag that’s going to soak up any damage before it gets near your laptop. It also looks fantastic. It’s a classic style, executed beautifully. I still feel a bit like Indiana Jones whenever I bust it out. It smells great too. If you want to step up from vinyl backpacks and office-issue laptop bags, this is going to be the briefcase that people notice.

Made by: Saddleback Leather
Price: 459
Available at: Saddleback Leather Medium Thin Briefcase
Submitted by: Anthony Karcz

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