Bay Area Geeks: Go See Paul & Storm on October 12!

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The odds are good that, since you’re reading a post on GeekDad, you’ll love Paul & Storm. My wife and I went to see them September 26 in Virginia, and I haven’t laughed so much without the influence of alcohol in longer than I can remember.

So, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are either without children or can get a babysitter for this coming Sunday night, you should go see Paul & Storm at the Cafe Du Nord. Don’t be surprised when women (and sometimes men) throw panties on stage during the song "Opening Band." And don’t be surprised when Paul and Storm throw suggestively-named snack food at people in the crowd who make amusing comments. Do be prepared to laugh your ass off (anyone offended by that expression ought to avoid the concert). Oh, and, should you be unable to find a babysitter, don’t bring little kids—their music is very much not kid-friendly.

If you’re on the fence about it because you haven’t heard their music before, or aren’t sure if you should bring your teenager(s), consider this: Pretty much anyone who likes Jonathan Coulton will like Paul & Storm (they frequently perform together). If that doesn’t help you, I would say that anyone who likes Monty Python is a good bet to like Paul & Storm—not that they’re particularly similar to Python, but that I think the type of people who enjoy one would probably enjoy the other. You can also check out their songs online, though the concert versions of their songs are even better than the studio versions.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, check out the rest of their tour schedule, including two upcoming shows in Michigan, two in Illinois, four in the U.K., and one in Boston.

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