Review: American Giant: American Made Activewear

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AmericanGiant-LogoAmerican Giant recently approached us to check out some of their clothing. They sent me a classic full-zip hoodie, a pair of classic sweatpants, and the baseball jacket to try out.

I have to admit that I was expecting some nice comfy clothes that I could wear for working from home. Although what I received met that expectation (I’ve practically been living in them for the past couple of days), it also completely blew it out of the water. All of the items I received are the most well-made clothing I now possess. That’s right, my sweatpants and hoodie are the most well-made pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.

Heavy-duty zipper, thick-lined hood, wide-band cuffs, stylish-detailing, great overall look and feel. Photos by Will James.

With my recent foray into sewing, I’ve gained some insight and appreciation into what it takes to make clothes and what it takes to make well-fitting and well-made clothes, so, right out of the box, I immediately noticed just how well-made American Giant’s clothing is as well as the quality of the materials.

All of the seams are not only reinforced but made to be as soft and smooth to the skin as possible. The hoodie’s elbows and shoulders are reinforced with stylish extra layers to make them take more wear and tear. The inside of the hood is fully lined and finished not only for comfort but to protect your head from the elements. The zipper is a nice heavy-duty metal zipper that I already know will never get stuck or derailed. Even the drawstring for the hood is nice and thick and metal tipped. And the cotton fabric that makes up the entire hoodie is soft, yet thick and rugged to keep you protected from cold, wind, and rain (though obviously wearing this in a downpour will result in you getting soaked). And, of course, after all of that, I’d expect nothing less than a perfect fit, and, for my body type, the small hoodie not only fit perfectly but made me feel like I looked better than I have in a long time. Yes, a hoodie did that.

I could easily say all of the same things about the sweatpants, but I’ll limit it to just pointing out a couple of additional things about these sweatpants that really stand out. Due to the great materials and design, the elastic around the ankles is soft and cushiony and doesn’t feel too tight or cut in at all. The waistband is nice and thick and allows the pants to be held up very well but, again, without feeling like its cutting in at all. There is even a rear pocket (for your wallet perhaps) in addition to the two side pockets.

Magical gusseted crotch. Photo by Will James.

The final thing about these sweatpants is the magical crotch. If you’ve ever worn karate pants, you’ll be familiar with a gusseted pants crotch. I frequently wonder why all of my pants don’t incorporate this amazing feature, but, having just made some pants for my cosplay (and not done a gusseted crotch), I know the answer–its difficult and more expensive to do. But because it’s more comfortable and a good decision for the consumer, American Giant did it anyway, and they did it very well. These are my new favorite pants. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way to wash them while wearing them so while I haven’t had them on continuously since I got them, it’s been pretty close.

Photos by Will James.

As for the baseball jacket, there isn’t a lot to say that I haven’t already said. It is essentially the same design as the hoodie with the hood being replaced by a nice soft, wide collar and the zipper being replaced by really nice snap buttons, and the pockets being converted to fully internal ones to make for a little bit more classy look.

I was a little put off by the price at first glance since this was “just” active wear, but after actually wearing these and seeing the craftsmanship, I’m a total convert. For clothing of this quality, 100% made in the USA, I would expect to pay a lot more. There are other comparable, popular brands at the same price point that, in my opinion, offer far less value for your money. If you enjoy good-looking, great feeling, high-quality active wear, do yourself a huge favor and try American Giant.

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