Same Geek Channel: ‘Gotham’ 02.08 “Tonight’s the Night”

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Barbara’s getting married! (Image via FOX)

This week opens with a shocking scene. Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon are getting married! Things turn weird in a hurry and Barbara wakes up from a bad dream. She finds a gift from Galavan that simply says “Today” on the card. While we do not get to see what is in the present, in the next scene Galavan tells her that today is the day that she gets to kill Jim Gordon. This pleases Barbara greatly! This is also the day that Galavan will gain control of Wayne Enterprises.

Jim Gordon takes his theory that Galavan is behind the recent crime wave to Captain Barnes. Barnes does not feel that there is any hard evidence to warrant bringing Galavan in. Leslie Thompkins is telling Gordon he should back off when in walks Barbara.

Barbara v Leslie
Barbara can see through the mirror?! (Image via FOX)

Gordon interrogates Barbara in an effort to find out why she strolled into the GCPD. Barbara wants Gordon to rough her up. When Gordon calls her sick, she begins to cry. Gordon leans in and kisses her! Leslie is looking on through the one-way mirror and is not as impressed as Barbara. Barbara knew that Jim was still in love with her. Barbara wants to take Gordon to show him something, and then she will tell him everything. After Gordon leaves the room Barbara saunters up to the mirror and stares straight at Leslie. Does Barbara really believe that Gordon is still in love with her? My guess is that she is setting him up.

Gordon tries to convince Captain Barnes to allow him to take Barbara. Leslie argues that Barbara is mentally ill and should be treated immediately. She doesn’t think it is worth the risk. Is she speaking as the Medical Examiner or as Gordon’s girlfriend?

RIDL LVR (Image via FOX)

A car is driving through the forest. Who could this be? One look at the vanity license plate (RIDL LVR) solves that riddle. The car is even green! Edward Nygma removes a trunk (containing Kristen) and a shovel from the car.

Bruce Wayne arrives at Galavan’s, and is greeted with a kiss from Silver St. Cloud. Galavan arrives, causing Silver to excuse herself so that they may talk business.

No need to show our faces, we will be dead by the end of this episode. (Image via FOX)

Back at the station Captain Barnes introduces Gordon to some fresh strike team members. They seem to keep getting killed so it is important to replenish them. The GCPD bulletproof vest is Gotham’s version of the red shirt on Star Trek. The strike force will shadow Gordon, and probably die, too.

Galavan asks Bruce Wayne what his one dream is. Bruce answers that he would find his parents’ killer, and he would kill them. Galavan responds that his dream is to clean up the city, but he needs Bruce’s help. In return, he could help Bruce with his dream.

Galavan explains to Bruce that he has been investigating Wayne Enterprises and has found awful things such as toxic waste dumps, illegal weapons contracts, and nightmarish experiments. While Bruce feels he can right those wrongs, Galavan explains that it will be very difficult, especially when there is a board willing to kill to hide their transgressions. Galavan goes on to propose that Bruce sell his 51% share in Wayne Enterprises to him, so that he can do what must be done to clean up the city. Bruce does not want to give up his family business. Galavan goes on to explain details about the night of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne–details that Bruce has never shared with anyone. If Bruce sells Wayne Enterprises to Galavan, he will give him all the information about the killer, including accomplices, motives, and proof.

While en route to whatever it is that Barbara wants to show Gordon, he explains that he knows it is a trap, and that Galavan is using her like a puppet. Galavan will kill her when he is done with her.

The hunter has become the prey. (Image via FOX)

Nygma has set out a romantic picnic for his dead girlfriend. He toasts to her, and thanks her for helping to pull together his two sides that were at war with each other. Suddenly a hunter appears! He is suspicious about the contents of the trunk. Nygma hits him with a shovel, apparently killing him. Somewhere in the forest a deer smiles.

LOOK OUT! (Image via FOX)
LOOK OUT! (Image via FOX)

Captain Sloane wants Gordon and Bullock to call it off and head back to the precinct. Of course, they opt to continue on. Barbara professes her love to Gordon, distracting him long enough that he does not see a truck coming! It smashes into the car, and the bad guys begin to open fire on the strike team. Of course, several members of the strike team are shot and killed. Gordon awakens in time to be injected in the neck with something, knocking him unconscious. As we go to commercial I wonder if there is any chance that he will be lying on Dexter’s table when we come back.

Nygma returns with some saws. He says to the hunter “If I can’t make the hole bigger, then I will make you smaller.” Just when he is ready to cut up the hunter, he sees that his food has been eaten. A trail has been left behind. Nygma gets all the good lines this week: “For a secluded forest this place sure gets a lot of foot traffic.”

In the future Batcave, Bruce is reading a letter from his father. Bruce asks Alfred how long the training will take to make him the man he needs to be to fight crime. Alfred explains that it will be several years, leaving Bruce to wonder about the people that will be hurt in the meantime. Bruce explains to Alfred the deal that Galavan offered to him. Bruce cries and tells Alfred that he just wants it all to be over.

Literally a shotgun wedding. (Image via FOX)
Literally a shotgun wedding. (Image via FOX)

Gordon wakes up tied to a wheelchair in a church. Here comes the bride! Barbara shows off the gift she was given by Galavan, a sawed-off shotgun. I am guessing this qualifies as “something borrowed.” Erin Richards does such a great job of playing Crazy Barbara, I can’t even remember Sane Barbara from last season. There has been several moments where I have wondered if she would become Harley Quinn in this twisted version of the Batman lore.

Never let go! (Image via FOX)
Never let go! (Image via FOX)

Barbara tells Gordon that she is going to grant him is fondest wish. She is going to kill him. Tabitha wheels in Leslie, also strapped to a wheelchair. Barbara admits that Mayor James is still alive and is being hidden at a stash-house. In exchange for her honesty, Barbara wants Gordon to be honest with himself and Leslie. Barbara pulls a knife and threatens Leslie. While Barbara talks, Gordon is working away at the ropes and is close to freeing himself. Barbara is going to carve Leslie’s face off her skull, and somehow that will show Leslie and Gordon what true love is. Gordon breaks free and grabs the shotgun. Barbara hears police sirens and runs. Tabitha tries to kill Gordon but is shot in the arm. The GCPD rushes in and manage not to get themselves killed. Gordon chases Barbara, who tries to kill him with a knife. In the scuffle, she crashes through the window. Only Gordon’s grip keeps her from falling to her doom. She says “I love you baby” and lets go.

As we return from break we find out that Barbara did not die. Some bushes broke her fall and she is in critical condition. The GCPD follow the lead on the mayor and find him with the box on his head.

Bruce is almost ready to sign away his company and then changes his mind. Just as Galavan seems poised to explode, the GCPD bursts in to arrest Galavan. Galavan manages to toss the Wayne file in the fireplace. Gordon lands a very fulfilling punch on Galavan’s nose. Surprisingly, Captain Barnes did not seem to have a problem with this.

Penguin lives! (Image via FOX)
Penguin lives! (Image via FOX)

Back in the forest, Nygma follows the trail to a small trailer. Out jumps Penguin! He is still hurt from being shot last episode. The episode ends as he asks Nygma for his help.

Final thoughts:

I am so glad that Barbara didn’t die! I am still upset that Jerome (Joker?) was killed. They can’t make a habit out of killing of all the good villains.

I was surprised at the quick arrest of Galavan. I was expecting him to stay mayor long enough to develop the Order of St. Dumas storyline.

I am very excited about the prospect of Penguin and Nygma teaming up. Those two have been the bright spots of the show, in my opinion, and I cannot wait to see where they go from here.

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