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Word Wednesday: ‘Warhammer Adventures’ GIVEAWAY!

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Warhammer Adventures Giveaway

This week’s word is “Giveaway.”

Yesterday, I reviewed the first two books in the Warhammer Adventures series. Today, in a slight departure from my usual Word Wednesday format I have a Warhammer Adventures giveaway for you all. Games Workshop is offering 5 GeekDad readers the chance to win a pair of books.

The Warhammer Adventures books are great for middle-grade (8-12) readers who love a little science fiction-fantasy on their reading palettes. Prior knowledge of the Warhammer Universe is not required, though readers who do know a little of the lore will find much to enjoy. Do check out my review for the full lowdown.

Each winner of the competition will receive a copy of Attack of the Necron and City of Lifestone. 

Entries are open until 14th February 2019 (Who says romance is dead?). Winners will be notified shortly after and books dispatched direct from the Black Library. Good Luck!

This competition has now closed and the winners notified. Many thanks to all who entered. 

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3 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: ‘Warhammer Adventures’ GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hey, maybe I’m dumb, but I don’t see anything saying how to enter the giveaway?

    Anyways, just wanted to give my $.02 from the sampler book. I got it because my daughter (6 years old) and younger son are really into my Skaven and Beastmen models. I thought this would be a good way to indoctrinate her.

    As to be expected, it all seems very formulaic, which is to be expected for a young readers book. Probably a good thing because it teaches kids the basics of story structure and literary devices. That being said, a lot of the language used I feel would fly right over the heads of most 8 year olds. There are also several instances where it gets way to flowery. “The great shining copper disc in the hung low low in the tumultuous sky, besting the slaves down with its heat”. Probably could just say the sun.

    However, I have enjoyed reading the samplers to my kids, even if I have to constantly stop and explain what words are and recap the story and its characters. I’ll definitely be picking these up, and I found myself surprised at how much I liked the 40k one.

    1. Of course, after I submitted this, the entry option popped up. Strange, I’m blaming my phone, or I’m pissibly going insane. :p

      1. Glad it got sorted! I had a terrible moment where I thought I’d messed up the form!

        I don’t think I noticed that line… That’s definitely one out of the Black Library style guide!

        Good luck with the competition

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