Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: PolyHero Dice

PolyHero Dice

Here’s a Kickstarter project sure to please fans of fancy dice: PolyHero Dice. Dann May is Chief Creative Officer for Game Salute and has been an artist or art director on a number of games; his brother Greg May is a 3D animator and modeller. The May brothers have a fun idea for a set of polyhedral dice, made to look like pieces of armor and weaponry.

The pledge for a set of dice is $25 (worldwide shipping included), or $45 for two sets, and you can get them in black with green numbers or red with white numbers. Each set includes:

  • d4 — dagger
  • d6 — sword
  • d8 — mace
  • 2 d10 — gauntlets
  • d12 — helmet
  • d20 — shield

The left hand gauntlet has a dot below the numbers so that you can use the two gauntlets as percentile dice.

As the project page explains, the dice have been balanced using 3D modelling, computer simulations, and testing with actual samples–so they should be good enough for some fun gaming but aren’t casino-accurate.

I’ve seen some issues in the past with dice-based projects due to difficulties in actual manufacturing, but the Mays have gone ahead and had production molds made so they can ensure that these dice can actually be produced without trouble. You can see some of the actual production samples in the video in the middle of the Kickstarter page. I particularly liked the enormous samples (made due to a communication error) and I’m hoping they’re able to make them just slightly larger.

The big question is: will my toddler claim these as her own, or will I get to keep them for myself?

Check out the PolyHero Kickstarter page here.

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