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If you have an Xbox One, then you probably already know that every game requires a great deal of storage space on the internal hard drive. Heck,  Halo: The Master Chief Collection requires 12 gigabytes of storage space and that is with owning the disc. Once an owner gets into videos and other downloads, the 500 gigabytes goes quick. I have had my Xbox One for about 6 months and already need additional storage.

WD 3About one month ago, I picked up a WD My Passport X portable hard drive. This tiny little black box packs two terabytes of additional storage pre-formatted for the Xbox One system or PC. When connected, the sleek 2 TB My Passport X drive provides much-needed storage capacity for gamers to store up to 50 extra game titles, eliminating the need to delete previously purchased games from their Xbox One and removing those “storage full” warning messages. Another cool feature in addition to added storage, gamers can use My Passport X to take saved games to use on friends’ systems without having to download.

The USB 3.0 hook-up lets users access and save files on the My Passport X drive in blazing-fast speed without a separate power supply. The My Passport X portable drive’s stylish and compact design is also built for durability and shock tolerance, as well as long-term reliability for peace of mind. Also, the drive offers gamers a no-sweat set-up–just plug it in, follow the easy on-screen instructions, and enjoy expanded storage for backing up, protecting, and storing games and content in just minutes.

My Passport Ultra X portable drive is available in the WD store at and via Amazon.

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Disclosure: A My Passport X was provided by WD for review purposes, but the opinion expressed is my own.

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