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A Better Way to Display Your amiibo Figures

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amiibo display

I know I’m talking crazy here, but my kids and I actually open our amiibos. Yes, I am aware that this unthinkable act destroys their collectable value and yadda-yadda-yadda, but we get these toys to play with–and play with them we do.

Still, the problem with loose amiibos is storing them. Sure, you want to display them in all their glory, but there’s only so much room to line them up on the entertainment center. Thankfully, the folks at POWER A have devised a perfect solution with their amiibo End Level Display.

Inspired by the end-level flags of the original Super Mario Bros., this officially licensed15-inch tall by 18-inch wide tiered display is a great way to dress up your collection. Made of 22 interlocking kowarenai blocks, it can hold your six favorite amiibos in pure retro splendor.

While it won’t be available until October 1st, it’s up for pre-order now via Amazon. Best of all, at $30 it’s cheaper than that Japanese Marth you imported.

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