Re-Spawn: PC Gaming News

Re-Spawn: PC Video Game News for Week 47

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Re-Spawn: PC Gaming News
Re-Spawn: PC Gaming News

Welcome to PC video game news for week 47. I took a couple weeks off to rest up and cover some other geeky topics important to me, but we are back with some more PC gaming news this week. I have tips for you in Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG and lots of tasty news tidbits to feast on now that Thanksgiving is over.

Sam’s PC Video Game Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips

Timing the Jump

This week in Fortnite Battle Royale I made extra effort to pay attention to timing my jumps in close-quarters battles. I’m still not great at it, but by watching YouTube videos and my favorite streamers on Twitch extensively while I do other things on my PC, I’ve been able to improve some. It is a tricky bit of business timing your shots while jumping and at least for me it helps to learn the time it takes to drop from a jump and hit them as they come back down to the ground. I see better players shooting them mid-jump and in the air but I’m not good at that (yet) but the time it takes them to fall is constant so that is what I’m working on first.

Towns/Farms vs. Small Spawn Areas

The named towns, farms, and factories will, of course, have the most and often better loot. But they will also have the most people which reduces your odds of getting a good weapon early. That is key to take out others and steal all of their loot for yourself.  I find I do best when I go for the middle ground. I choose a named area that is a little later on the drop route and has some small house or building clusters nearby so that if 20 other people drop there I can veer off, get a gun or two, then head toward the main town now armed and ready to teach them what happens when they take my drop point.

In Your Face – SMG Style

As sort of an add-on to my tip about timing your jumps, I’ve found the SMG, one of the most hated guns in the game, to be way better for me in close-quarter fights than the shotgun. For me, I still get a little panicky when someone is right up in my business and so my aim gets a bit wild. With the SMG I can just be somewhere on their person and hold down the fire button. Emptying an entire clip into them can drop them if they don’t have shields and make them back up and calm the heck down a bit even if they do. Then I switch to my shotgun and try to hit them one last time.

Enough of my humble opinions, take a look at some gameplay from much better players than I.

Stream and YouTube Help

In keeping with the “tips” spirit, this week I’ll share a video from someone I haven’t come across before known as thatdenverguy on YouTube. He made “9 Common Mistakes New Players Make – Fortnite Battle Royale | Tips and Tricks” that went up on November 11th and it is a great starter guide for what not to do. If you read this article each week you’ll probably catch more than a few of my tips in it as well, but he’s got the video to show you! Check out his tips here and click his name above if you want to check out his channel on YouTube. One side-note. He mentions there are no silenced weapons in this which isn’t quite correct. There is a new silenced SMG in the game, but it is the only silenced weapon so far.

Do you have some Fortnite Battle Royale tips to share? Hit us up in the comments, share them on Facebook with us, or give me a shout on Twitter, @samanthafisher. I’d love to reshare your tips with the GeekDad followers. Want to group up for some duo/squad action? Tag me on Twitter and we can give it a try.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tips

I actually played more PUBG this week than Fortnite Battle Royale and, hold on to your butts people, I got my first chicken dinner! Special thanks to GeekDad Randy Slavey and his son (the latter of whom got the winning shot, I might add) and of course The_Loose_Moose who drew the short straw and was our random 4th in this squad game and whom I could not save the second time he went down. I tried Moose! I tried.

PUBG Chicken Dinner
Winner winner chicken dinner!

Height Advantage is Real

Trying to scope out (pun 100% intended) your next move or spot where some fighting is happening so you can plan what to do next? Find a house with roof access and get up there. Crouch or drop to prone if able and use your scope to carefully look around you. Maybe hide in the doorway you used to get to the roof and flick yourself out and back in the doorway to look around. Occasionally crouch so that if someone has spotted you they will expect your head to be up high but you’ll come in low.

Find the End Game Location for Your Play Style

For the end game, I don’t think I could ever win inside a house. Too many obstacles for people to duck behind for my slower reflexes and I get caught on doorframes (both in-game and out) so often it is embarrassing, so I prefer to finish it outside with trees, bushes, grass, and preferably a hill for me to be on.

Stream and YouTube Help

Choco Taco is creating some great tips based content for LevelCapGaming on YouTube. This one is from October and is a very nice breakdown of the three types of shooting. He not only demos them but talks about the pros and cons of using them, tells you when it is best to use them and how to execute them well.

Video Game News Recap

Fortnite Battle Royale

The devs dropped a new update last week that covers both things already live in the game and how they are performing as well as sharing some info on upcoming changes we should expect to see. Watch below, but I can assure you that rocket rides and launch pad gliding are here to stay. Yay! And a public test server is coming.


In the Fortnite PvE world, the 10th dev update dropped on the 21st and can be seen below. It covers end game content, improvements to accessing your inventory, schematic evolutions, and a winter event among other things.

Blizzard’s Latest Video Game News

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Introduces MMR Changes
Heroes of the Storm Introduces MMR Changes. Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has announced that they are introducing performance-based matchmaking. The new MMR will be based on your individual performance instead of solely on win/loss.  The new system uses Hero, Battleground, game mode, and region in order to make more fair comparisons. Check out all the details in the blog post.


Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs Reveals
Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs Reveals. Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment

The new expansion Kobolds & Catacombs arrives in December, which we, of course, shared here when announced at BlizzCon. Now you can get sneak peaks at the new cards by release day and time in their latest blog post this week.

Steam’s Latest Video Game News

The Autumn Sale is now on. Unfortunately for you, by the time you read this, you’ll only have about 36 hours left to pick up your deals. Here are the ones that caught my eye, and I even purchased a few.

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice at 25% off
  • H1Z1 for $5
  • CS: GO at 33% off
  • Ark: Survival Evolved at 50% off

Those are the highlights for PC this week. There are of course plenty of other games out there but I want to highlight the games I know or of interest to me. Want me to include some other games? Message me on Twitter and I’ll take a look. @samanthafisher

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