‘Bookaboo’ Rocks Out with Literacy

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Say what you will about the changing landscape of television programming, but the arrival of outlets such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has done wonders for smaller, independent artists and studios. Some of the best shows out there right now has been made possible because of those networks’ willingness to take risks on original programming. Shows that never would have been made under the previous model are now multiseason hits, thanks to Amazon and Netflix.

What most people don’t realize, though, is that children’s shows are no exception to this trend. There are a lot of great kids shows popping up, and Bookaboo is one of the newest ones on Amazon Prime.

The preschool series follows Bookaboo, an adorable rock and roll drummer (who also happens to be a puppy) who simply cannot perform on stage unless he’s read a book first. The show celebrates the act of adults and children reading together, which I can certainly get behind. Bookaboo also combines puppetry, live action, and CGI animation, and every episode features a different celebrity guest.

Bookaboo is an exciting show developed to promote literacy by inspiring parents to read to and with their children and help instill a lifelong love of reading,” says Tara Sorensen, head of kids programming at Amazon Studios. “Each episode incorporates funny storytelling and great books, specifically chosen to capture young viewers’ attention and imagination.”

Guests include Paul Abdul, Emily Van Camp, Selma Blair, Michael Sheen, Adam Copeland, and Chris Hadfield, just to name a few. The show definitely shares roots with classics such as Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street.

Bookaboo premiered at the end of October exclusively for Prime members via the Amazon Video app for TVs; connected devices, including Fire TV and mobile devices; and online. Prime members can also download the series to mobile devices for offline viewing.

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1 thought on “‘Bookaboo’ Rocks Out with Literacy

  1. How lovely to read this and you are so right in acknowledging how much the likes of Netflix and Amazon have enabled much smaller production companies (like mine in fact) to bring their programming to audiences attention. That is exactly what happened in Bookaboo’s case with Amazon Studios. Amazon have been bold, supportive, encouraging and wise in the notes they feed back during production. Their enthusiasm and genuine delight when we send over episodes has been hugely refreshing. I believe this kind of working relationship truly facilitates creativity and leads to more original content. It really has been a total pleasure to work with them. Now this tiny production company watches with excitement and nerves to see what children and parents will make of Bookaboo. Thanks again for your interest in Bookaboo.

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