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Take Care of Your Holiday Shopping NOW With Zazzle! (Sponsored)

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Zazzle Gifts

Do you have a large collection of extended family members or friends who you want to get holiday presents for, but every time this year inspiration fails you? Do you want to get something special, and unique for your spouse, kids, or parents? Zazzle is your answer this year!

These days, personalization is so much more than slapping a photo on a cheap generic coffee mug or t-shirt, and the possibilities for interesting, deeply personal gifts is amazing. Consider the pieces above. For all the beer-loving folks in your life, the ceramic beer stein with a personal message, joke, or picture would make an excellent and easy gift; put everyone’s names on their own stein, or the family crest, or a favorite movie quote.

Even more amazing – check out the luggage! How many times have you had trouble picking out your black roller from every other black roller coming off the carousel? Why not actually have your name printed on the luggage? Or your picture? Or just make it so colorful and unique that no one will ever confuse it with their own ever again (and a few folks might even ask you where you got it).

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Indeed, the options are nearly endless, from device cases and playing cards, to skateboards, luggage, wall art, and blankets. And if you need ideas, Zazzle has a huge selection of items from licensed properties as well, like Disney, Looney Tunes, Marvel, DC, and more. Feeling political; how about Bloom County or one of various non-profit groups?  Want to support your favorite university – no problem! Are you or a loved on in the armed forces? Take care of them as well!

Now’s the time to take control of your holiday shopping and cross a huge number of people off your list. If you use the coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER, you’ll save 20% off your whole order, and 50% off the post popular items, by the end of day Tuesday.

[Note: This post was sponsored by Zazzle. That being said, we are big fans of Zazzle and their products; GeekDad and Zazzle have had a relationship for many years, so we’re very confident in promoting their products.]

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