9 New Gadget Kickstarters to Excite the Techie-Geeks

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Here are 9 cool techie projects that launched on Kickstarter this week.

Hemingwrite – A Distraction Free Digital Typewriter

Just launched! No email, no browser, just writing, for when you gotta concentrate. [I think I had one of these in high school; it was called an electronic typewriter.

Stethee – Listen, See & Feel a Heartbeat In Your Hand

Understand your heartbeat better, record it for later.

MIYO: The most amazing audio experience outside the studio.

Building a better digital-to-analog audio converter than what’s in your computer.

Quantified Gaming – know more, game better

A mouse for data-loving gamers that tracks heart rate, sweaty palms, etc.

Viewbox, a VR headset

Stick your phone into this neoprene headset, freak out like the people in the video.


Swap out different books and change the look of this LED fixture.

Bitsbox | monthly coding projects for kids

New app projects in the mail every month.

LUMO – Be seen. City cycling apparel.

Cycling gear with built-in LEDs for safety.

Nike Ajax Project -Full 35′ & 1/2 17′- 2 stage Rocket

Let’s build a guided missile system in the back yard!

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