The Joy of Specs Part 1 – I Was Framed!

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Whenever I start a new RPG – and I’m talking about both electronic and tabletop here – I am obliged to devote at least a couple hours of what would otherwise be proper playtime to fine-tuning not only my character’s skill set, but also his appearance. These things matter to me. Aesthetics matter to me. Style matters to me.

I mention this so that when I state I was excited when, shortly before the Thanksgiving holidays, a shipping box containing a dozen pairs of Flexon frames appeared on my doorstep, you’ll know I’m not just blowing smoke.

Going into this project, I knew a few things about Flexon. I’d read up enough on the product to recognize that the frames are constructed of a titanium/nickel alloy that resists corrosion damage and is around 25% lighter than conventional metals. I also understood that the biggest selling point, the material property that inspired the product’s name, is that metal’s ability to both resist breakage and to “remember” its original shape.

Now, I’m not saying that the first thing I did was grab a pair of these frames and attempt to forcibly bend the temple… but that is totally what I did. I admittedly didn’t put all my strength into it, but I did apply force far greater than that I generally use to, say, put on, remove or fold my current glasses. True to the claims, the frames did not warp.

You win this round, Flexon!

These twelve frames were split evenly between two of the product lines from Flexon’s current Evolution Series: Laser Precision and Pivotal Force. Laser Precision focuses on clean, sleek lines with a laser cut alternating pattern of dark and light tones across the temples that really ramps up their overall appeal. Pivotal Force, on the other hand, accentuates the hinge movement with open end-piece construction, and, like Laser Precision, mixes matte and glossy finishes for a bold contrast.

You’ll notice that these frames tend to fall more toward the middle with regard to thickness; they’re not super thin like the tiny wire frame spectacles of old, but nor are they big and chunky like the massive birth control frames that’ve been en vogue for the last few years. This actually worked out well for me, as my monster astigmatism means I generally need pretty beefy lenses (which don’t always work well in thinner frames), but my last couple of pairs of glasses have had large plastic frames and I’d been feeling the need to mix things up.

All of the frames looked great – even the ones that didn’t necessarily look great on me – and in the end it came down to the E1026 model from Laser Precision and the E1052s from Pivotal Force.

The Finalists
In the end, it came down to the E1026 frames (from Laser Precision) and the E1052s (from Pivotal Force).

Which did I ultimately choose? Tune in next time to find out, and to join me, your hapless hero, as I head to town for my annual eye exam!

Review materials provided by: Flexon/VSP

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