Random Geek Roundup #7 – Typography Edition

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Image: http://thestandardsmanual.com/
Image: http://thestandardsmanual.com/

Welcome to the seventh irregular installment of Random Geek Roundup! This is where I collect a variety of links and sites and products that have come across my virtual desk in recent days. This time I bring you a special typography edition, especially for you typography geeks. And remember, just because you’ve discovered a specific interesting tidbit doesn’t mean that everyone has. So in the spirit of sharing awesome, here is a special collection of links.

Opening Credits of the Movies
How much thought do you give the opening credits of movies? Do you love to see how they introduce the film, or do you wish they’d hurry through them and get to the story itself? Either way, you’ll probably find this study of the history of opening credits to be very interesting.

Love the MTA?
If you love the New York City subway system, check out this MTA typography manual from the 1970s that is now archived online. It shows all of the styles, fonts, and colors used there.

Looking for Some Retro Video Game Fonts?
Yuji Oshimoto has created some fun fonts that harken back to the early days of video games.

World War II Era Type
American Type Founders created all kinds of style in 1944. Check out this display.

Typography Exhibition
If you’re in New York from May 3-9 this year, you can catch the Pencil to Pixel NYC exhibition by Monotype. Admission is free.

That’s it for this week. You can also go back and look at the links from Roundup #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 for more interesting news and websites!

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