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If you are a fan of RPG terrain there is currently a Kickstarter that you may want to join in on. Secret Weapon Miniatures is running a Kickstarter for their new  product line called Tablescapes Dungeons.

Here is how they explain the new product:

Tablescapes Dungeons are modular, hand-sculpted dungeon tiles with an integral 1×1″ grid system designed for gamers. With your help we will produce them in a highly durable, non-toxic grey PVC specially formulated to capture the incredible detail of our sculpts. The sets will be sold un-painted.

At just$75–which, compared to other modular dungeon systems, is a very reasonable cost–you can start your own terrain collection. The project has already been funded and is in the bonus stage where it is unlocking new pieces as each core goal is being met. Currently available in the core set is:

Passageway tiles

  • 1×1 A:4
  • 1×1 B:4
  • 1×2 A:4
  • 1×2 B:4
  • 1×4 A:4
  • 1×4 B:4

Room tiles

  • 2×2 A:2
  • 2×2 B:2
  • Quarter circle A:2
  •  Quarter circle B:2
  •  4×4:2
  •  4×4 feature tile:2


  • Forgotten mines entrance (only available in the starter set):1
  • Archway A:1
  • Doorway A with blocked timbers:1


  • 1×1: 4
  • 1×2 A:4
  • 1×2 B:4
  • 1×2 C:4
  • 1×4:4
  • Corner A:4
  • Corner B:4
  • Curved corner:4
  • 1×1 Corner:8
  • Feature wall A:2
  • Feature Wall B:1
A Look At Tablescapes Dungeons
A Look At Tablescapes Dungeons

Those are quite a few pieces for the price. I currently pour my own molds for my terrain, and I think this is a much cheaper way of doing it. Backers can also buy new pieces to add to what they get in the core set for an extra fee. The pieces are not painted, so you still have to put in a bit of work to get your terrain to come to life.

The project currently has 9 days left–so act fast!

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1 thought on “Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines RPG Kickstarter

  1. Painting the pieces is half the fun!

    Note that this set allows for 1 inch (5′ in D&D/Pathfinder) corridors. That allows you to recreate many maps as drawn in adventure modules. Some of the competitors, using 1.5 inch tiles for half a corridor, lock you into 15 foot hallways. Great if you’re designing your own dungeon, not so great if you’re trying to recreate an already drawn map!

    So good job Secret Weapon on the 5′ corridors!

    And cool they’re working with Reaper!

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