GeekDad Exclusive: New Covers Revealed for Across the Universe Trilogy

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Across the Universe new coverseAcross the Universe new coverse

New covers for the Across the Universe trilogy (Click to enlarge).

Perhaps you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can tell the target audience. And often we pass by books that we might enjoy simply because the cover doesn’t fit into our preconceived notions of “the type of thing I read.” Beth Revis’ excellent Across the Universe trilogy has been well-received, but if you’re not into “young adult” fiction you may written this off based on the original covers:

Across the Universe and A Million Suns by Beth RevisAcross the Universe and A Million Suns by Beth Revis

(The third volume is due out in January 2013 so there isn’t a cover image for it in this vein.)

Penguin has made the (wise, in my opinion) decision to repackage the trilogy to broaden the target audience, and they’ve given GeekDad the chance to show off the upcoming covers first. They’re a bit mysterious and don’t really tell you a whole lot about the plot, but I like the progression from the frozen to hot and melting to some growing greenery, which is a small hint at the storyline. I’ve been informed that Penguin will not be releasing a version of the final book in the original cover style — that may be disappointing news to fans who want a matching set. At least the content is still the same: and you know what they say about books and covers…

If you haven’t checked out this sci-fi series yet, maybe it’s time to check them out. You can read my review of the first two books here.

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