The Artist Ideaboard on Kickstarter

Geek Culture Kickstarter

Image from Bhushan Lele

This Kickstarter falls into the realm of “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a cross between an artist’s portfolio and a whiteboard. I’ve been known to carry a few small whiteboards to a meeting, or robotics practice, but it’s a pain to juggle them, and they invariably rub against something and get partially erased.

The Artist Ideaboard comes in two sizes. Large for meetings and collaboration, and small when portability is more important. I can see uses for both of these in our robotics meetings. Pass a few of the smaller ones out for the kids to brainstorm ideas, then use the larger one for presenting each of those ideas. We could even fold everything up and save the drawings for the next meeting.

Bhushan has sent me one of the large boards and I’ll be running it through the paces this weekend. Look for a review of the product sometime in the near future. Check after the jump for the Kickstarter video.

More info available on The Artist Ideaboard Kickstarter page.

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