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Ok, one trip to the comic store to pick up the latest issue of Star Wars: Legacy, and I have completely fallen off the comics wagon. Not that my desire or interest had ever waned mind you, just my disposable income. You may be full into your habit and attending one of the many cons in your area. But if you are a Geekdad like me, then the money you once spent on comics was suddenly diverted to diapers and baby food, and then music lessons, haircuts, family vacations, and any other equivalents.

Well, all bets are off. I have officially relapsed and am now checking out some of the titles I had obsessively collected in the past as well as some new titles. If you have let your comics habit atrophy, it is time to bring it back to full suppleness. There is some interesting and fun stuff out there. Bringing in the kids on the habit opens up some interesting options. Here are just a few of the titles that have tickled my fancy.

Green Lantern

Hal Jordan was the only Green Lantern there was as far as I’m concerned. You might know, that Hal Jordan is back after quite a long absence. But the revival of this series has all his inferior substitutes featuring fully into the storylines. Kyle Rayner, Jon Stewart, and Guy Gardner all figure in to the mythos and the Corps. is back. DC has highlighted all the things that made GL good fun in this new run. Lots of power ring action, all powerful Guardians, and plenty of alien Lanterns all trying to keep the Universe safe. The series is expertly drawn and written. Right now, we’ve reached the end of the Sinestro Corps Wars, a full out alien brawl that involves all of Earth’s heroes and the Anit-Monitor. Go get it.

All Star Superman

Winning the Eisner Award for Best New Comic in 2006, and Best Continuing Series in 2007, this series takes the Man of Steel to his roots. Expressively drawn by Frank Quitely and written by Grant Morrison, this Superman is heroic, boyscoutish, and downright silly—all the things I remember fondly… If you were a fan of the Curt Swan Superman (I know there are at least three of you) you will be taken back by this series. The collected omnibus will set you right.

Digest "kiddie" comics are back with a vengeance. Far from being the fluff that supported comics publishing in the past, the format is becoming a way for some original work to make it into "all ages" circulation. Andy Runton’s Owly is a wordless journey of a small owl and his pet worm making friends, helping others, and making their way through moody and atmospheric black and white panels. My 9-year-old loved this one, so I had to buy it. But I’m smitten too! And why not, it’s winner of the Eisner Award for Best Publication for a Younger Audience, the Harvey Award for Best New Talent, and the Ignatz Award for both Outstanding Series and Promising New Talent. The kid’s got taste.

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