A Start Up Trek – The Lighter Side of Learning

I am starting a new public-access prototyping lab in Huntsville, Alabama, called MindGear Labs, based on the fab lab model. I’ve dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and have done a fair amount of research on the topic. But this is … Read More


A Start-Up Trek – Introduction

I’m starting a business. That’s a difficult thing to say out loud, much less announce to the entire internet (or at least the intelligent, sophisticated and lemony fresh corner of it that reads GeekDad). For years I’ve contemplated this fateful … Read More

How to Explore the Solar System

Several months ago, before I became a GeekDad contributor, I was at a conference presenting my team’s work on mitigating asteroid threats. Part of my presentation mentioned a rather obscure maneuver for a spacecraft to escape the orbit of a … Read More