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PAX Prime 2013 Giveaways: Thanks to Our Prize Donors, Congrats to Our Winners!

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PAX prizes
We had quite a spread of prizes to give away at our PAX panel.

Well, PAX Prime is over (and with it, the convention season—at least for me). The convention was an extra day this year, extending into Monday, and it was entirely sold out. Our GeekDad/GeekMom panel was pretty well attended, and this year we even included some of the “geek spawn” on the panel. Stay tuned for more about the panel, and watch for a separate post about the show!

As usual, we gave away a lot of great swag at our PAX “Geek Parenting” panel on Saturday, and we couldn’t have done it without all the generous contributions from our prize donors. Here’s a list of all the people and companies who contributed prizes. Click on any of the links to visit company sites and get more information about the great giveaways. If you missed out, be sure to come to our panels in the future—we won’t always have the same mix of prizes, but we always have a great time.

Our top five scavenger hunters got first pick of prizes!

Congratulations to our scavenger hunt winners, too! We didn’t have as many participants as we’d hoped, but here are our top five photo hunters: Bruce McLeod; Matt Titelbaum; Chris & Zinn Bellevie; Jessica Guardado; and James, Barrett, and Audrey Stowe.

If you did win a prize, why not tweet a picture of you (and your geeklets) with your prize? I’ve included Twitter accounts below so you can help express thanks to all these awesome folks (and include @GeekDads so we’ll see it, too!).

Very special thanks to Activision, who gave us enough Skylanders figurines to give one to everyone who showed up to our panel, and ThinkGeek, who provided Joystick-its for everyone and surprised us with the Tauntan sleeping bag and Wampa rug. We were very tempted to “forget” to bring those to the panel.

Activision: (@Activision) Skylanders sets

AEG: (@Alderac) Maximum Throwdown, Trains, Guildhall, Card of the Dead, Love Letter

Minimalist Parenting: (@MinParenting) Minimalist Parenting books

Calliope Games: (@CalliopeTweets) Got ‘Em, Tsuro, Tsuro of the Seas, Double Double Dominoes, Ugh!

Catalyst Game Labs: (@CatalystGameLab) The Duke, Balance of Power, Shadowrun 5, BattleTech: Alpha Strike, Shadowrun: Crossfire demo box, Leviathans, Hex-a-Gon

ChessMate: (@ZoxSo) ZoxSo, Sizzletoad, Heavy-Metal Thinket, ChessHeads deck-builder, portable magnetic ChessMate chess set

Days of Wonder: (@DaysofWonder) codes for Ticket to Ride on Steam

The Doubleclicks: (@TheDoubleclicks) Lasers & Feelings CD, Worst Superpower Ever CD

Erik Wecks: (@ErikWecks) Aetna Adrift

First Second Books: (@01FirstSecond) Fairy Tale Comics, Giants Beware, Odd Duck, Primates, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Americus, Astronaut Academy 1 & 2, Zita the Spacegirl 1 & 2, Level Up, Feynman, Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant

Floodgate Games: (@FloodgateGames) promo cards for Legacy: Forbidden Machines

Flying Frog Productions: (@FFPGames) Timber Peak, Invasion From Outer Space

Gamewright: (@Gamewright) GUBS, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Cube Quest, Iota, Monster Cafe

GeekMom: (@GeekMomBlog) Geek Mom books (@geekthelibrary) geekthelibrary T-shirt

Greater Than Games: (@GTGamesLLC) promo character cards for Sentinels of the Multiverse

Gunnar Optiks: (@GunnarOptiks) Gunnars eyewear

Hexbug: (@Hexbug) various Hexbug robots

Indie Boards & Cards: (@IBCGames) Coup, promo cards

Japanime Games: (@JapanimeGames) Krosmaster Arena

Little, Brown: (@LittleBrown) YOU by Austin Grossman

Looney Labs: (@LooneyLabs) Aquarius, Seven Dragons, Oz Fluxx, Treehouse, IceDice, Pink Hijinks, Fluxx: The Board Game

Marvel/Disney: (@Marvel) kids’ Marvel T-shirts

Mayfair Games: (@MayfairGames) Star Trek Catan Federation Space, Empire Express

Nerf: (@NerfNation) Zombie Strike blasters, MEGA Centurion blaster

No Starch Press: (@NoStarch) some of their latest titles, 30% off coupons

Paizo Publishing: (@Paizo) Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

Playroom Entertainment: (@PlayroomEnt) Geek Out! sampler packs

Shout Factory: (@ShoutFactory) DVDs (including Transformers Prime and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Spin Master: (@SpinMasterToys) Air Hogs quadcopter, Boom Boom Balloon

Stronghold Games: (@StrongholdGames) Little Devils, Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom

Tasty Minstrel Games: (@TastyMinstrel) Dungeon Roll with booster packs, Martian Dice

ThinkGeek: (@ThinkGeek) Joystick-it arcade sticks for iPad, T-shirts, bibs, Tauntaun sleeping bag, Wampa rug

Wizards of the Coast: (@Wizards_CS) Magic: The Gathering cards and sets, (@Wizards_Kaijudo) Kaijudo cards

Here’s a little photo gallery of some other audience members with prizes. We didn’t manage to get pictures of nearly everyone. Thanks for coming—hope you went away with something to think about and maybe something to play with!

Note: if I’ve left anyone off the list, please contact me and I’ll get it updated right away!

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  1. Thanks again for the great prizes and for another great panel. The addition of the kids really added a lot and hope that is something that happens again. The highlight of the panel for me was Lily and Erik talking about bullying. Good stuff! But you guys need a longer time slot 😉

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