Legendary Trigger Happy and Iridescent Blue Bash Skylanders Appear

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Now the news about Skylanders Giants has subsided, for the time being at least, I’ve been picking through what else happened at the event I attended in New York last week.

There are a few things I need to collate and publish about Skylanders Giants (like my discussion with Toys for Bob co-founder Paul Reiche about their approach to marketing the toys), I knew that much. However, what I had missed was Jerry Storch talking candidly about new exclusive Skylanders coming to Toys R Us in March and April.

Legendary Trigger Happy, Iridescent Blue Bash and Sun Burn figures continue the tantalizing drip feed of characters that have kept my family playing the game even though we finished the main adventure some months ago. In particular it is the challenges that each new character unlocks that we have focused on. Completing these for each figure has become a minor obsession over the last few weeks.

These new figures and the new Dragon’s Peak adventure pack was all my kids wanted to talk about this morning at breakfast. Here’s the low down on the new Skylanders figure announcements:

Trigger Happy Legendary in March

Legendary Trigger HappyLegendary Trigger Happy

Legendary Trigger Happy

“In March we are going to launch an exclusive Legendary Trigger Happy. On top of being gold he has exclusive powers and is much stronger than the original Trigger Happy.”

This single pack will be exclusive to Toys R Us, and is likely to be very hard to find in store. If the original Legendary Skylanders ($17.50) are anything to go by Legendary Trigger happy will be easier to find online. These figures have been readily available singly and in triple packs on Amazon.

Trigger Happy is one of my personal favorite characters, particularly when there is a boss to finish off. His rapid fire action suits old school gamers like me who are used to hammering buttons. A legendary version has been rumored for some time, so it is good to see him finally arrive.

Iridescent Blue Bash in April

Blue BashBlue Bash

Blue Bash

“In April we have the release of the Iridescent Blue Bash which a figure that is unique because its decor was voted on by fans. Of course it is more powerful than the regular Bash.”

This is a more interesting figure because, as Storch says, the color was chosen by fans via the game’s Facebook page. Again these will be hard to find in store. My advice, if you are not planning to camp out when they arrive, is to keep an eye on Amazon.

While I’m not so sure about the novelty see through nature of this blue Bash, it’s hard not to be intrigued by these various limited edition Skylanders characters. I wonder what the fans choice of Blue (over red or green) says about their psyche.

Dragon’s Peak Adventure in March

Dragon Speak Adventure PackDragon Speak Adventure Pack

Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack

“In March we have Dragon’s Peak Adventure pack that includes further new characters.”

This is not technically a Toys R Us exclusive although they do have dibs on the first 30 days. This will mean that you won’t see it at retail in other stores until April. That said I expect these adventure packs will start turning up on Amazon soon.

I’ve enjoyed each of the Adventure Packs, particularly the Darklight Crypt with Terrafin ($29.99). The fact that Dragon’s Peak also includes Sun Burn makes it worth the price on entry alone.

Once these are out that leaves Zook, Lightning Rod, Camo, Warnado and Wham Shell to tide us over until the year end when Skylanders Giants should appear. It’s going to be a busy year and with Activision’s promise to resolve the supply chain issues with the figures it should be one that isn’t too hard on the wallet.

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