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Have Fun, Well-Travelled: Two Great New Items From ThinkGeek

I’m in kind of a weird situation right now where I’m both prepping my kids for the upcoming school year and still lining up a bit of leisure and con travel for myself. Because of this I’ve kept a keener-than-usual eye on things like travel bags and lunchboxes. As luck would have it, a recent dispatch from the team at ThinkGeek spotlighted a pair of items that suited my needs nicely.

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Nerdapalooza Necessities

Nerdapalooza 2013 is only a week away. This means that ticket-holders are already filled with anticipation, while all other geeks are haunted by the crushing dread of what might have been. As a fellow who counts himself among the former, I’m not only looking forward to three full days of fun and frivolity with my tribe, I’m also hard at work getting my proverbial ducks in a row.

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