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Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek

When I was a kid, Halloween Eve was usually spent staring at my mom’s closet in desperation, looking for something that I could use as a costume. I was a fairly unimaginative kid when it came to dressing up, and, rightly so, my mom left it up to me to figure out what I wanted to be. When I was really little, she helped us by making princess costumes (i.e., curtains and gold foil), but by late elementary school, I was kind of on my own. Though she could sew well, she worked full time and didn’t have the spare hours to sew us magnificent costumes. And the store bought stuff was usually not what I would call “high quality.”

Fast forward to modern day, the internet, and a gazillion fandoms with a gazillion licensed products. Everything from LEGO to Doctor Who to Minecraft has licensed wearables and accessories. This makes Halloween much easier for geeks, especially those who aren’t great at sewing a fine seam. If you know what you like and what you’re into, there will be a decent costume out there for you.

Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek

I’m pretty good at sewing a fine seam, but I wouldn’t do a TARDIS justice. Which is what my son wanted to be for Halloween this year. So, to ThinkGeek we went. They have some TARDIS footsie PJs that he liked the look of, plus he could use them as PJs when it wasn’t Halloween. It turns out they’re fantastically fun and full of features as well. He’s exceptionally happy. There’s a hood, pockets, zip-off feet, and little thumb holes in the wrist cuffs. It is so cozy that, as soon as it arrived, it didn’t leave his body for a couple of days. Good thing there was plenty of time for laundry before Halloween! And the set washes up very nicely–when washed in cold and safely in a net bag, just in case.

If you’re looking for some fun options for Halloween costumes for yourself or your geeklings, ThinkGeek is a great place to start. You can put together combinations of products, or be like my son and cover yourself head-to-toe in a TARDIS. Or a Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform. Or a full Doctor Who outfit. Or Darth Vader. In any case, here are some ideas for putting together your own costume, Doctor Who specifically, with no sewing required.

The 10th Doctor's coat, and Captain Jack's. Image: ThinkGeek
The 10th Doctor’s coat, and Captain Jack’s. Image: ThinkGeek

The Doctor

If you want to look like The Doctor, you can pick from the fourth Doctor, the tenth Doctor, the eleventh Doctor, and even the twelfth Doctor.

For the fourth Doctor, combine a scarf and hat, and toss on some other, less important clothes. Everyone will know who you are. Bonus points for having curly hair.

The tenth Doctor has a high-quality coat to help you out, and you can pair that with some Chucks, tousle your hair, and you’re good. For the minimalist out there, there is a tenth Doctor t-shirt, or wear the 10th Doctor Lounger for the whole body look. For ladies who like to dress as this particular Doctor, there is a coat specifically tailored for you as well.

The eleventh Doctor has many costume bits to choose from. There is a red bow tie, a purple bow tie, a fez, green jacket, and a purple coat.

The twelfth Doctor doesn’t have too many options yet, but there is a t-shirt, similar to the minimalist one for the tenth Doctor.

Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek

Sonic Screwdrivers and Other Accessories

ThinkGeek has you covered for Sonic Screwdrivers for The Doctors numbered 10, 11, and 12, though some of them are also television remotes, so pick your model accordingly. There are also sonic screwdriver earrings. For those who want to appear as a fancier version of The Doctor, there is the Master’s Pocket Watch, perfect to adorn any costume.

Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek

Captain Jack

Who doesn’t love Captain Jack Harkness? Popular with both the ladies and the gents, it doesn’t take much more than the proper coat and a suave expression to look the part.

Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek


There are so many options for dressing as the TARDIS or including TARDIS accents to your costume. There are slippers, the aforementioned pajamas, hoodies, moccasins, dresses, and even a headband with a functional police box light on top.

Enemies of The Doctor

You can dress as the most frequent and perhaps favorite enemy of The Doctor, the Daleks, in a Dalek dress, or you can even put together your own Weeping Angel costume (including Weeping Angel earrings).

Image: ThinkGeek
Image: ThinkGeek

Other Creatures

Don’t forget your adorable Adipose squishy toy, who will complete many of the above costumes. Adipose is adorable and will always bring a smile to my face. You can also have a double-take of K-9 slippers, happily joining you on your feet, though perhaps not while trick or treating.

If Doctor Who isn’t your bag, don’t fret. ThinkGeek has plenty other fandoms represented, including Minecraft, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Marvel Comics, My Little Pony, and plenty of other general nerdy stuff to wear.

These are just a sampling of ideas you can put together. What will you be for Halloween this year?

Note: ThinkGeek provided a product sample for this review.

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