Kickstarter Alert: ChocolateConstruction

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Like chocolate? Like 3D puzzle dinosaurs? Of course you do! Like peanut butter cups, this is a perfect blend of two of my favorite things! Make your own chocolate 3D dinosaur puzzle with this cool mold!

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Because the final product isn’t ready yet, I haven’t been able to try one of these out myself, but I am very excited about it. I grew up building the wooden 3D dinosaur puzzles. And my son was introduced to them thanks to Boneyard Pets. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but we also both love candy! This combination of candy making and 3D dinosaur puzzles is just brilliant.

Our track record of keeping the 3D dinosaur puzzles from breaking and ending up in the garbage isn’t very good, so the idea of being able to just eat them and make a new one later, is perfect for us. Although we’ll definitely be making chocolate T-Rexes, I want to try making an ice one as well. It’ll be easiest ice sculpture ever, and then we can watch it melt, or help it along with a spray bottle. I foresee a lot of fun to be had with this mold!

Head over to Kickstarter and get yourself a single mold for $20 or bump up your pledge and get multiples or even a personalized mold!

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