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‘All Summer Long’ by Hope Larson: Exclusive Art Reveal

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Today GeekDad is excited to show you an exclusive sneak peek of All Summer Long, a middle-grade graphic novel by Hope Larson that’s coming in June 2018. (I know, that’s a long time to wait, but don’t worry: I’ll remind you!) Larson has written and illustrated many comics—recently, she’s been writing the Four Points series with art by Rebecca Mock—but this is her first solo comic in a while.

What’s it about?

Music, babysitting, coming-of-age, and summer. Sounds like another great summer read that my kids and I will enjoy.

From First Second:

Thirteen-year-old Bina has a long summer ahead of her. She and her best friend, Austin, usually do everything together, but he’s off to soccer camp for a month, and he’s been acting kind of weird lately anyway. So it’s up to Bina to see how much fun she can have on her own. At first it’s a lot of guitar playing, boredom, and bad TV, but things look up when she finds an unlikely companion in Austin’s older sister, who enjoys music just as much as Bina. But then Austin comes home from camp, and he’s acting even weirder than when he left. How Bina and Austin rise above their growing pains and reestablish their friendship and respect for their differences makes for a touching and funny coming-of-age story.

Read an Excerpt

First Second Books provided this 5-page preview for us to share. It shows a moment that includes Bina’s shifting relationship with Austin and the way she is finding herself in music.

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All Summer Long page 55

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All Summer Long page 57

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The Inspiration Behind All Summer Long

Hope Larson writes:

All Summer Long is inspired by my love for Los Angeles, especially the Highland Park/Eagle Rock neighborhood where I lived for three years, and the wonderful creative environment of the city. For a period of time I was going to a lot of rock shows and had my eyes opened to the music scene in the city, and I wanted to write a book about a tween girl, Bina, finding her identity as a creative person. I’m not a musician, so writing about music has become my go-to when I want to write about the creative process. It feels a little less self-indulgent than writing about a writer or a visual artist. Music may seem like a counterintuitive subject for a silent art form, but the beauty of it is that readers can use their imaginations. The music Bina loves can sound just like whatever music the reader loves, and the experience of falling in love with the song is the same, whether you’re obsessed with Rhianna or the Cure. I hope this book gives readers the permission they need to go out and do whatever creative thing inspires them, whether it’s playing guitar, or drawing comics, or writing poetry, or learning to cook, and to let their freak flag fly.”

Hope Larson adapted and illustrated A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel, which spent 44 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and for which she won an Eisner Award. She is also the author and illustrator of Salamander Dream, Gray Horses, Chiggers, and Mercury, and the author of Compass South and Knife’s Edge, both illustrated by Rebecca Mock. She lives in Los Angeles.

Thanks to First Second for the opportunity to share this excerpt! I hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll tell you more about the book when it’s published next year!

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