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Behold ThinkGeek’s ‘Pokémon’ Snorlax Beanbag Chair

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snorlax bean bag

The internet is a weird and wild and wonderful place, and there’s seemingly no end to its surprises. Still, sometimes you see something that defies belief.

Is it a mistake? A hoax? Have your skills of reading comprehension failed you?

In this case, I did my due diligence.

Yes, this is an actual product listing. No, this is not April 1st. Yes, the whole thing appears legit enough.

Therefore I can only assume that this Snorlax beanbag chair, this glorious monstrosity, this 4-foot pile of Pokémon power, is indeed a product that you can pre-order from our friends at ThinkGeek.

That said, note the fine print; the projected release date is December of this year (just in time for the holidays!) and the phrase “pending licensor approval” appears not once but twice.

So what does that mean?

Well, basically, if Pokémon‘s numerous stakeholders are on board and the team at ThinkGeek is able to leverage its considerable consumer might—the latter of which I have no doubt, given their stellar track record regarding exclusive products—then you might be able to find a snuggly Snorlax beanbag chair under your tree this Christmas.

Or maybe blocking Route 11—depending on your culture and belief system.

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