Tuls: Flat Tools, Round World!

Kickstarter Tools

TulsFlatToolsI had sworn off Kickstarter for the summer, but then along comes something completely hits my weak spot, everyday carry tools. Tuls are flat, wallet-friendly tools that can easily go wherever you do. They’re made from 18 gauge stainless steel or titanium and cut to the size of a credit card.

The cleverly named Tuls come in four flavors. My favorites are the Roul which serves as a multitude of measuring devices and the Lucy which provides a bottle opener, spoke wrench and a series of standard and metric wrenches. The Opie is a simple and quick bottle opener while the Stan serves three functions as an iPhone stand, earbud organizer, and bottle opener.

I received a few prototypes and the quality and design of the Tuls is great. I’ve been carrying the Roul for a week now and it’s come in handy a few times. The size and weight are barely noticeable and I’ve used it several times for measuring lengths and angles. This will definitely be useful for both woodworking and building robots.

You can get in on the Tuls Kickstarter for as little as $22 for a single stainless tool. The titanium single starts at $33. I’m down for two stainless, but giving serious consideration to upgrading to the titanium.

What type of tools do you carry every day? I like to keep it simple with a knife, and an Atwood G5 Prybaby in my pocket, and a SOG multitool in my backpack.

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