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Win Mugen’s Big 3DS XL Battery Expansion

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Following up my review of the big Mugen 3DS XL battery the other day, we now have one to give away worldwide. To enter subscribe to the Family Gamer channel and post a comment on the video below that tests the duration of the battery against other Nintendo handhelds.

Winners announced in the video description on 15th June.

Check out the end of the video for a little bit of stop-motion fun!

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5 thoughts on “Win Mugen’s Big 3DS XL Battery Expansion

  1. As I was watching the video I realized that My family has owned at some point every Nintendo console that has been released here in the west. (and still do) To now include the Nintendo 3DS/3DSxl’s. I, my wife, both our mothers and most of our family members and their children own 3DS’ and regulary play them and are often found doodling Swapnotes and taking pictures to send to each other. My mother, who was unable to be at my wedding due to distance, and we are not able to visit regularly was able to get several 3D pictures of the wedding on her 3DS of the wedding. Not the same as being able to be there but it was something we would not have been able to share with her on any other game/phone system or via regular mail or email. Now after a year of being married my mother is able to come and visit my wife and I for a week or so. Though we wont need to send swap notes to each other she is already planning on using it to take lot’s and lot’s of pictures and send those to family and her friends with 3DS’… She doesn’t know it and (hopefully this doesn’t spoil the suprise) but I bought her a brand new 3DSxl to replace her regular 3DS that was actually a hand me down.

  2. Finally… A video of a 3ds xl battery extender, I actually have a business using my 3ds

  3. This looks great! If a console is a bit heavier you actually have the feeling there’s something you’re holding, which I love! Very, very nice!

  4. I don’t see a winner posted in the video description. Was one chosen on the 15th?

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