Mugen 3DS XL Battery Grants Whopping 20 Hour Playtime

3DS XL Replacement Battery
Son Weighs Up the Pros and Cons of the Mugen 3DS XL Replacement Battery

I’ve tested a variety of 3DS battery expansions but none as big of hefty as this 3DS XL Mugen battery replacement. I was impressed by the build quality, ease of fitting and performance.

Here’s my short video review and hands on. Although it’s not the cheapest option, the design and super-long duration are both in its favor…

For comparison here’s my time-lapse test of various Nintendo Handhelds (Gameboy, GBA SP, GBA SP (AGS-101 Bright), Gameboy Micro, DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS Mugen and 3DS XL.):

More images and information available on my review for Nintendo Life. The Mugen 3DS XL battery is available here.

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