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Rocket Dice — Kickstarter Kountdown

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Rocket Dice

It’s one of those why didn’t I think of that projects — dice in the shape of rockets that can be used for RPGs and boardgames. It’s called Rocket Dice, and it’s a Kickstarter project with less than 5 days left in its fundraising. Game Salute has already made its minimum funding ($5000) and now it’s working on a series of stretch goals that each release a new color of RPG dice.

What’s so cool about the Rocket Dice Kickstarter is its low price of entry for a small set of dice. For example, if you’re a Star Trek: Catan boardgame fan, you’ll be happy to hear that $10 will get you a set of rocket dice ( you can choose the color) to replace the game’s basic 6d set. The Kickstarter even has a list of nine other sci-fi games with a list of how many sets of Rocket Dice you’ll need to buy to replace those games’ 6ds. The $10 backer level gets you one 6-pack of Rocket Dice in your color choice. Additional 6-packs can be purchased for $8 each. You can also choose between pips, numerals, and fudge dice (+/-) used in certain types of games for your 6-pack sets.

Into RPGs? Rocket Dice is also now selling sets for $15 (additional sets remain at $15) and include d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d% and you can pick from a number of colors. Not all the colors have been unlocked (only white, yellow, and red at the time I’m writing this), however, so if you’re looking for a specific color that hasn’t unlocked yet, you’ll want to help spread the word to your fellow gamers. A new color is unlocked every $2000 — the black set, for example, won’t unlock until $48,000, and the funding currently sits at $45,000 at the time I’m writing this.


I saw a game of Alien Frontiers played a few months back and I LOVED it — imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this Kickstarter and found that a special backer level was created that provides the Alien Frontiers game and its two expansions along with the proper number of Rocket Dice used to play it! You can choose to add the basic game and two other expansions à la carte if you wish… pick up an expansion if you don’t have it and toss in the required number of Rocket Dice while you’re at it. Game Salute has even redesigned the game board to include the shapes of the Rocket Dice rather than the square standard d6 shapes (see image below — regular d6 on left, Rocket Dice on right), and this new board will be included in the Alien Frontiers 4th Edition game for those backers who choose to purchase the game via Kickstarter. (If you already own the AF game, you can purchase the new gameboard by itself by backing for $15.)

new board

There are a number of other backer levels that provide you with various numbers of Rocket Dice at reduced prices. For example, you can pick the Dice Commander level ($95) that will give you a minimum of 100 Rocket Dice. If all stretch goals are released, I understand that this level ($95) will net the backer 144 dice in all!

The folks at Game Salute have also made a nice offer to GeekDad readers — a drawing for a free set of Rocket Dice! The contest is open to readers in the USA (sorry international readers) and the winner will receive the following: one 9-dice set (d6 pips, d6 fudge, and a 7-dice RPG set) all in one color. Here’s an image of this set in blue:

Dice Prize

How do you win? Easy! Game Salute wants to know: What is your favorite space themed board game or RPG game? (And you don’t have to answer Alien Frontiers!) Post your response as a comment no later than Thursday Apr 18, 10:00pm EDT. (This coincides with the Rocket Dice Kickstarter project ending.) GeekDad will pick one random winner from all valid comments. Winner will be notified via the email address on file with your registered username you use on Please also keep in mind that the Rocket Dice won’t be available until October 2013. Good luck! (And THANK YOU to Game Salute for the great prize!)




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22 thoughts on “Rocket Dice — Kickstarter Kountdown

  1. Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game (Flying Frog Productions) is my favorite space themed game. You can play solo, co-op or competitive.

  2. I do have to say and ask, should i wait to pick up Alien Frontiers with the other expansion for AF that is supposed to be coming out? Or should i pick it up with the rocket dice?

    1. They’re making it easy to get it all in one shipment. Check amazon and you’ll see the game isn’t even available unless you want to pay big $$$. I can tell you it’s. really cool game and this is a way to be assured you get the dice and the games all in one shot.

  3. My favorite space board game is actually Alien Frontiers…for RPG it’s Star Wars.

  4. I have rather enjoyed an obscure little card game based on the popular browser game called Star Pirates. I also have a fondness for one a played as a child for which I can’t remember the name. It could be Race for the Galaxy as that sounds familiar.

  5. Michael Lee, you are our winner! Congrats for submitting your response, “Among the Stars.” We will provide your email address to Game Salute so they can arrange to have your dice sent to you after they are manufactured. Again, congrats!

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