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Diamond Select Toys Star TrekDiamond Select Toys Star Trek

If you’ve set foot in a comic shop or fan convention in, say, the last decade or so, chances are some of the great collectables from Diamond Select Toys have caught your eye. Though likely best known for its Marvel Select line and the ubiquitous Minimates produced with design partners Art Asylum, Diamond Select actually curates a number of amazing licenses. Recently the team treated me to a trio of products from their expansive Star Trek collection.

Arguably the best film adaptation to date – sorry J.J. – 1982′s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is still a fan favorite, and Diamond Select Toys’ TWOK Communicator and Phaser help you relive all of your favorite non-ceti eel scenes. The Communicator has a solid feel and more than a bit of heft to it. Featuring fun flip-open construction and a trio of sound modes (including movie dialog, hail/call-back sound effects and Kirk’s all-important “Khaaaaaaan!” scream), this little delight boasts all the flashing lights and authentic chirps a Trekkie could want in a chunky silver matte package.

The Phaser, on the other hand, is actually quite sleek. It’s a handsome Type II with a large circular on-off button set high on its back and a small but springy trigger that’s remarkably light. A push-button selector lets you adjust the sound based on its lethality – heat, stun, kill or incinerate – and the red LED array that represents its emitter corresponds to each mode for a great effect. The most interesting thing about this model, however, is that you can release the main unit from the grip for a classic-style Type I Phaser. Thanks to clever battery placement the mode select still works, and this portion contains its own top-seated trigger button. Moreover, the unit can be easily reassembled thanks to a magnetic mount that secures the two halves neatly into place with an appropriately snazzy sound effect.

In addition to these roleplay pieces, Diamond Select also offers a great line of ship models from throughout the property’s history. This includes the infamous TOS Mirror Universe Enterprise. With its Terran Empire logo graphics, blinking lights and “Mirror, Mirror” episode dialog (both controlled by depressing the bridge dome), it’s one Spock beard away from a darker, grittier mission to enslave and dominate. The mold of this alternate NCC-1701 looks fantastic and a specialty display stand allows it to “float” above a single secure point, but, unlike the aforementioned cosplay pieces, this one’s a bit delicate and should likely be displayed somewhere far from the easy reach of your eager geeklings.

These fine pieces of Trek-abilia are available directly from Diamond Select Toys, and from specialty and online retailers everywhere. They’re a great way to dress up your office or level up your cosplay during the all-important summer con season. Though far from unbreakable they’re definitely collector quality, and the screen-accurate designs will keep you geeking out for years to come.

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